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Ganzo Multi Tools are the multi-tools that are solidly made and creatively designed. Best fits your adventure, task or trade. You'd find here Many of multi tools, pocket knives, tactical knives, sharpeners & of course flashlights too.

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Multi-Tool G302В is a universal device from Ganzo company. Very user-friendly and ergonomic tool will be very useful for those who like to travel, outdoor activities and those who simply used to keep everything "at hand". This little Multi-Tool can replace a set of tools. Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G302B:...
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Full-sized Ganzo multi-tool G302-Н is both practical and nice tool. It will be a good help in any repairs and as a present this type of multi-toll will please every traveler or nature enthusiasts. Description of Ganzo G302-Н: Ganzo G302-Н is a multi-tool based on the already well-known model from...
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Multifunctional and modern Multi-Tool G301B designed by Ganzo company specialists. Universal device that can be the substitute for a whole box of tools. Compact, easy-to-use product suitable for long travel trips, outdoor activities and, of course, will be useful in everyday use. Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G301B: Body and all...
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Multitool Ganzo G203 - practical model which, moreover, looks very stylish. You can use a set of 24 tools which are assembled in a single item. So it will always be very useful. Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G203: Ganzo G203 is compact and functional. This small multitool has 24 tools....
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Ganzo, is famous for its multi-functional Multi-Tools. One of them is Multi-Tool Ganzo G202B which is very stylish and functional. G202B is considered a full-size and contains 25 tools. Description of Ganzo G202B Multi-Tool: It is very compact and lightweight; G202B could fit even the pocket of normal trousers. It...
Out of stock
G2019S model is one of the most affordable Multi-Tools from Ganzo company. The characteristic features of the product are small weight and 11 tools. A suitable solution for those who need a pocket Multi-Tool, suitable to wear it every day. Description of Multi-Tool Ganzo G2019 S: Excellent model for those...
Out of stock
Ganzo G112 model is the multi-tool for field repairs and for home masters. Fully metal tool with a big number of functions can easily cope with a variety of repairs and some other issues regarding camp life. Description of Ganzo G112: Ganzo G112 is a full-seized multi-task tool with all...
Out of stock
Modern full-sized Multi-Tool from the Chinese company Ganzo. Excellent choice for those who want to have all necessary tools “at hand”. Compact and lightweight (weighs only 270 grams) G202 Multi-Tool will help you in the most unexpected situation. The handle and all tools are made of cromized stainless steel, thus,...


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