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Fenix continues to press forward with leading technology -- and leave a legacy of performance with previous models. 
These models featured LEDs with superior specifications at the time of their production, but have now either been discontinued or replaced by more advanced models.
  • 18650 Battery Flashlight, 18650 Battery Powered LED Headlamps & 18650 Battery Chargers in India (49)
  • 18650, CR123A and more Batteries & Chargers in India. (32)
  • AA Battery Flashlight & AA Battery Powered LED Headlamps & AA Battery Chargers (32)
  • AAA Battery Flashlight & AAA Battery Powered LED Headlamps & AAA Battery Chargers (21)
  • BIS Approved 18650,16340 & 14500 Battery in India. (28)
  • Britelite LED Flashlights | Britelite LED Torch, India (4)
  • Camping (74)
  • Clearance/Sale! (5)
  • CR123A/16340/RCR123A Battery Powered Flashlights/LED Torch in India (20)
  • Cycling (29)
  • Diffuser Tips, LampShades and Color Filters (2)
  • EVERYDAY (36)
  • Featured Fenix Flashlights and Accessories (27)
  • Fenix Bicycle Lights (5)
  • Fenix CL Series Camping Lantern (4)
  • Fenix E Series LED Flashlights (8)
  • Fenix LD Series LED Torch (8)
  • Fenix LED Flashlights (80)
  • Fenix MC Series LED Flashlight (1)
  • Fenix PD Series LED Torch (7)
  • Fenix RC Rechargeable LED Torch (6)
  • Fenix SD Series LED Dive Lights in India (2)
  • Fenix TK Series LED Torch (14)
  • Fenix UC Series Flashlights in India (10)
  • Ganzo Knives in India #CampingKnives #TacticalKnives #KnifeSharpeners (117)
  • Ganzo Multi-Tools / Hand Tools in India (8)
  • IMR Batteries in India, | IMR18650 Battery | IMR 18350 Battery | IMR14500 Battery | IMR 18490 Battery (18)
  • Nitecore EDC LED Flashlights (8)
  • Nitecore Explorer Series in India, (1)
  • Nitecore Flashlights (44)
  • Nitecore Multi Task/Hybrid Series LED Flashlights in India (4)
  • Nitecore Smart Ring Selector Series LED Flashlight in India (3)
  • Nitecore TM Series LED Flashlights in India (4)
  • Old | Outdated Models (12)
  • Our Best Seller LED Flashlights in India. (33)
  • RUIKE Knives, Multi-Function Knives in India by Fenix. (6)
  • TACTICAL (24)
  • Tactical Lanyards, Holsters and Mounts for LED Flashlights in India. (7)
  • USB Rechargeable Flashlights in India | In-Built Rechargeable LED Flashlights/LED Torch (24)
  • Whistle (1)
  • WORK (57)
  • Xtar Battery Chargers in India (12)
Battery Type
  • AAA
  • AA
  • CR123A
  • 16340
  • 14500
  • 18650
  • 7800 mAh (Built-in)
  • Fenix Battery
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UPGRADED TO PD35 TAC 1000 Lumens CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS. (OLD MODEL DISCONTINUED- PD35 960 LUMEN) FREE SHIPPING Via FedEx Overnight Priority | FREE Laser Engraving! Fenix PD35 XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight - 2014 Upgraded Version - 960 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe- Powered by 2xCR123A or 1x18650...
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THIS MODEL IS DISCONTINUED, PLEASE CONSIDER THE FENIX LD41 Description E41 is the pocket-sized searchlight you have been searching for. Thanks to the unibody casing and side by side battery compartment, the 11.6cm E41 packs four widely available AA batteries with a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED to blast 1000-lumen output...
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FREE LASER ENGRAVING! Free OverNight Shipping By FedEx Courier. Fenix TK51 2x XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight (Spot + Flood LEDs)- 1800 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels(x2) + Strobe- Powered by 3x18650 Rechargeable Batteries- 425mts rated beam distance DESCRIPTION The Fenix TK51 Flashlight employs dual LEDs to increase total output with 16 wide-ranging lighting...
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Nitecore P12 - Tactical Flashlight - 950 Lumens  Nitecore P12 - CREE XM-L2(T6) LED - Tactical Flashlight- 950 Lumens, Powered by 1x18650 or 2xCR123A Batteries- Rated for 222mts beam distance and 1hr15mins on High, 6hrs on Medium, 520hrs on the Lowest Mode P12 'Pocket Rocket' 950 Lumens of Sheer Brightness! Why carry a whimsy...
Rs. 4,000.00
Fenix LD12 2017 LED Flashlight EDC/Tactical Pocket Carry Fenix' mighty LD12 straddles the line between an everyday carry and a tactical light. This 2017 upgrade adds two clever new features: a neutral white LED for more natural color rendering, and compatibility with the powerful 14500 battery. When included in the...
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The Nitecore EAX Hammer utilises two Cree XM-L2 T6 LED's with a maximum output of 2000 lumens and a range of up to 490 metres using 8 AA Batteries. Powered by eight AA batteries, the EAX is a true alternative to Lithium-ion powered searchlights. Featuring Nitecore's patented two stage switch...
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MODEL DISCONTINUED! The all new Fenix TK22 is the latest incarnation of this popular style of tactical lights. With all the features and quality you have come to expect from Fenix brand lights, the TK22 carries on the tradition of being a high end tactical LED light that offers great...
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Two Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED  Powered by 4xCR123A or 2x18650 Rechargeable Batteries 1800 Lumens - 5 Brightness Levels + Strobe 270mts rated beam distance Description: The ultra compact LD50 outdoor flashlight provides unmatched flexibility and reliability. It can be powered by one or two 18650 or two to four 3v CR123...
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  Fenix UC40 Ultimate Edition USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight (960 Lumens)- CREE XM-L2 U2 LED - Inbluit tailormade rechargeable battery(ARB-L1T 3400mah) with USB charging, 18650 Li-ion or 2xCR123A- 960 Lumens - 4 Brightness Levels + Strobe Mode    The engineers of Fenix put their heads together to come up with a brand new...
Out of stock
 Focus Adjustable Beam(Spot to Flood and Flood to Spot)1000 Max lumen output Uses 1 x 26650 OR 1 x 18650 battery(not included)Cree XP-L HI LED   Top Tier LED Power This CREE XP-L HI LED makes a big impression The Fenix FD40 takes LED lighting to the next level, boasting a cutting...
Rs. 3,500.00
Fenix HL30 LED Headlamp- 2015 Edition LED Headlamp The Fenix HL30 Headlamp is the 2015 model of the HL30G2. This particular model features an exclusive broad-beam system which makes it perfect for your camp area, hobby area or work place environment. Its dual switch design allows you to toggle through...
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