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Rs. 999.00
Fenix UC01 USB Rechargeable LED Keylight Teeny Tiny - Big Muscle! Calling the Fenix UC01 compact is an understatement. This keychain light is about the size of your thumb, and is brighter than most incandescent bulb flashlights. This handy flashlight features three output levels, and the brightest setting will cast...
Rs. 850.00
THE NITECORE TUBE, Fingertip Operable Light with USB Recharging! Comes in 5 Colors:  BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, PINK, TRANSPARENT The smallest, waterproof, rechargeable quality everyday carry light available on earth now available in India. Two brightness levels and infinite brightness adjustment modes all through a single thumb switch. The Nitecore Tube is...
Rs. 1,650.00
Nitecore T360 45 Lumen Output Super bright & super compact The Nitecore T360 is a lightweight and compact LED headlamp that specializes in power, performance and ease of use. With powerful LED power and an internally rechargeable battery, this headlamp emits a stunning 45 Lumens of bright white lighting power....
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Rs. 4,800.00
STATUS: AVAILABLE | 48 Hours Delivery! Fenix CL25R LED Camping Lantern  - with USB Recharging - 350 Lumen - powered by 1x18650 (3.7 Li-ion) or 2xCR123A Lithium battery - Comes included with Fenix 18650 2300mah battery and USB charging cable - Built-in Magnet and Tripod Socket for easy attachment.  Available in 2 Colors: Black, Olive...
Rs. 4,700.00
Fenix RC05 Magnetic Rechargeable LED Flashlight The Outdoor Enthusiast's Dream Light Fenix pulled out all the stops to make the RC05 especially indispensable for campers, hikers, and explorers. It's designed to live in the damp and the dirt, minimize your kit size, and integrate seamlessly into the USB charging system...
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Rs. 5,500.00
Fenix RC09 Flashlight with Magnetic Suction for Charging Quick-and-Easy Setup Ever have trouble connecting a USB cable to a device? You try to install it and it doesn't quite fit, so you flip it around and again, no success. You flip it back to the original orientation and finally, the...
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Rs. 5,000.00
FREE SHIPPING | FREE LASER ENGRAVING STATUS: AVAILABLE | 48 Hours Delivery! -960 Lumen | 120 Hours Run time on Low Setting.- 5.1 Inches, includes one ARBL2 18650 battery, -Micro USB ChargingThis is going to be your new EDC flashlight! Compact & Powerful A slim style light with impressive power The Fenix...
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Rs. 6,800.00
Fenix RC11 Flashlight with Magnetic Charging Cable Re-Charge with Ease The Fenix RC11 Flashlight is the latest addition to the Fenix's newest collection of EDC lights with magnetic charging cables. These lights are each equipped with a magnetic port to which a magnet on the charging cable connects with ease....
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Rs. 7,300.00
 Fenix UC35 USB Rechargeable Flashlight A Slim And Bright Everyday Carry As the latest incarnation of Fenix's renowned UC35 model, the all new UC35 carries all the features that made it popular and improves upon the model. The light now utilizes a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, and running on 1...
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Rs. 8,000.00
The Fenix UC45 is a rechargeable flashlight that leaves a lasting impression with its massive 960 Lumen Output. This addition to the Fenix UC line of flashlights is the largest yet, and offers a 257 meter beam distance thanks to its high output and large reflector. Easy to use, powerful...
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Out of stock
FREE LASER ENGRAVING | FREE SHIPPING Via FedEx Overnight Nitecore MH10 - USB Rechargeable Flashlight  - Powered by CREE XM-L2(U2) LED  - 1000 Lumens, Powered by 1x18650 (Nitecore NL183 2300mah Battery Included) - Rated for 232mts beam distance and 1hr15min on High, 6hrs on Medium, 28hrs on Low Mode Features: - Utilizes a...
Out of stock
Nitecore MH12 LED Flashlight - 1,000 Lumens CREE XM-L2 LED - Runs on 2x CR123A or 1x 18650 (Included) BATTERY IS INCLUDED IN THIS FLASHLIGHT! Nitecore MH12 New from Nitecore is the MH12. Now I know what you're thinking to yourself, is that a rechargeable P12? The long and short...
Rs. 9,500.00
Features a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED 1000 Max lumen output Uses 1 x Fenix ARB 2600 mAh battery The Fenix RC20 rechargeable flashlight simplifies how you keep your flashlight performing at full capacity. When stored with the included USB charging cradle, your flashlight will always be ready for when you...
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Out of stock
Nitecore 2016 Upgraded MH40GT Rechargeable Flashlight  1000 lumens Last More Than 2 Hours! The Nitecore MH40GT is a tactical hybrid flashlight capable of amazing feats of illumination! Utilizing a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, this tactical monster runs a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens for up to 130...
Out of stock
Nitecore TM26GT Quadray 2016 Flashlight  Max Output 3500 lumens Max Beam Distance 704 m Max Beam Intensity 124000 cd Max Run time 1000 h 0 m / 41.67 d LED 4 x CREE XP-L HI V3 Reflector SMO Battery 4 × 18650, 8 × CR123 Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS,...
Rs. 32,000.00
RC40 2016 : MAX 6000 Lumens | 730 Mts Beam Distance.   Rapid scan beam    Dual switch controls separately   Charging and discharging function   Battery level indicator   Detachable shoulder strap   YES, it's 6000 Lumens What amazes all must be the RC40, as a rechargeable flashlight features super high output...
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FREE SHIPPING | FREE FedEx Overnight Available Shortly! Next Up in the Monster Series Nitecore has been hard at work creating the next search light in the TM series. Introducing the TM36, this extremely powerful search light will help you turn any dark area into day light. The TM36 measures...
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Evolution Series By Britelite Flashlights,USB Rechargeable LED Torches/FlashlightsBritelite Spiker 800Mts LED Torch features:Product Features USB ChargingPLUS FUNCTIONNight Glow Rubber SleeveLumens : 200Range : 800 MetersCharging Time : 8 HoursWork Time : 240 MinutesLength : 270 mmWeight : 0.19kgMaterial : Aircraft AluminumLed : 3W CREE LEDBattery : 18650*2 Li-ion (2200mah)Solar Charging with...
Rs. 6,000.00
Features a Cree XM-L2 T6 and red LED's 950 Max lumen output Uses 1 x 2600mAh18650 battery (included) Fenix HL60R LED HEADLAMP Dual Light Source Rechargeable Headlamp 950 Lumens of hands free, efficient lighting With the Fenix HL60R, you can take hands free lighting to a new level with 950...
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Infinite Control The HC90's brilliant interface makes it one of the most unique headlamps on the market. The ability to control output on a very precise level is coupled with massive outputs to make this a truly utilitarian piece of gear. The HC90 is perfect for hikers, campers, and hunters...
Rs. 6,300.00
Features a Cree XM-L2 T6 LED 880 Max lumen output Uses supplied 18650 rechargeable battery     Fenix BC21R, an integrated yet versatile rechargeable bike light, delivers max 880-lumen neutral white light. The soundly reasonable four output modes plus Flash enrich the cycling activities and side red light ensures the riding safety. Moreover,...
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Rs. 2,500.00
Fenix HL15 Lightweight Running LED Headlamp Get on your feet and get running with the Fenix H15, a high powered yet lightweight LED headlamp designed specifically for athletes. This portable powerhouse uses the cutting edge power of a CREE XP-G2 R5 LED to produce an ultra bright 200 Lumensof light. Additional red LEDs can...
Rs. 11,500.00
BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light The Next Generation In Bicycle Lighting Make it so You need a bike light that has it all: power, portability, rechargeability and a high tech display that lets you know exactly how your device is performing. In all of those categories the Fenix BC30R outperforms every...
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Nitecore Thumb Point and Click The ideal worklight is one you don't have to hold. Nitecore's Thumb allows you to go hands-free and still have your light fall exactly where you need it. Clip it to your pocket, bag strap, or hat brim, and tilt the head to the perfect...