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Fenix ARB L-16-700 BIS APPROVED LI-ION RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Specifications: Model Name: ARB-L16-700 Certification: BIS Approved Type: 16340 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 700mAh  Voltage: 3.6V / 3.7V Charge current rate: 350mAh | Max. 700mAh Charging Current: 1A  Watt Hours: 2.59 Wh Dimensions: 1.398" (L) x 0.732" (Diameter) Weight: 183.5g (6.47 Oz) Recharge Cycles: 500 Cycles Protection: Over Charge | Over...
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Fenix 26650 4800mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (ARB-L4-4800) Manufacturer Description:  ARB-L4-4800 is a high capacity 26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery specially designed for high-drain devices. With outstanding performance, excellent reliability and compact design, it is the best match for your high-drain devices. Recommended Charger: Fenix ARE-C2 Specifications and Features: - 4800mAh high...
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Fenix-ARB-L18-3400 BIS CERTIFIED 18650 BATTERY BIS APPROVED - IS 16046 (PART 2) : 2018/IEC 62133-2 : 2017 PLEASE BE ADVISED: BATTERIES ARE SOLD LOOSE - THESE DO NOT COME IN BLISTER PACK OR A PLASTIC SHELL CASE. Specifications: Model Name: ARB-L18-3400 Certification: BIS Approved Type: 18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 3400mAh  Voltage: 3.6V Charge current...
Rs. 1,800.00
The Fenix AER-02 V2 pressure switch is the upgrade you have been waiting for. The non-coiled and shorter cable allows for a more compact set up on an AR. The AER-02 is compatible with a wide variety of Fenix Models, most of which you may already have. The all black and anti-glare...
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Rs. 1,800.00
With the all-new Fenix AER-03 V2, you can quickly adapt your Fenix Tactical flashlights to an AR. This tactical pressure switch is made from T6-grade aluminum. The cable is made from resilient PU material and is shorter than the previous model to help avoid tangling. The instant-on pressure pad is...
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Rs. 1,800.00
Product Description The AER-04 remote switch has two switch panels that allow easy and fast operation of momentary-on or constant-on illumination. Its high-elastic PU cable with a length of 9 inches applies to most gun barrels. It can go with the ALG-05 QD mount, suitable for a tactical flashlight with...
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Soundless remote switch for Fenix flashlights TK09, TK15, PD35, TK15C, PD35TAC, TK22 UC35   The Fenix AER-02 remote switch is high quality, extremely quiet and very convenient. When you want to put your Fenix TK15, TK09, PD35, TK15C, PD35TAC, TK22, or UC35 on your bike or airsoft gun, a good...
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Fenix AER-03 Remote Pressure Switch If you own a Fenix tactical flashlight, then the AER-03 remote pressure is an essential accessory to make you life much easier. The AER-03 is able to fit the TK16 and TK32 2015 edition tactical flashlights and features a new silent design, so there isn't...
Rs. 1,000.00
The Special Edition Fenix AFH-02 Headband is perfect for almost all headlamps from the Fenix Lineup. Need a stylish replacement or backup headband? Look no further, the AFH-02 headband is easy to install and breathable. Specifications Compatible with all current Fenix Headlamp Models except the HL40R Included: Top and Bottom...
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Rs. 650.00
Take your training to the next level with the Fenix AFH-10 Sports Headband. This innovative headband includes silicone sweat-channeling lines to guide sweat away from the front of your face. The AFH-10 is also air-permeable and has high elasticity. Now you can run at night with the AFH-10 which includes...
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Fenix AFH-01  For Use with TK Series & PD35 Torches Portable Flashlight Tool Case Great for Travel & for Storage The Fenix AFH-01 portable tool case protects your flashlight, and all of its accessories, during travel and in-between uses. The polypropylene material is extremely durable yet still lightweight and therefore...
Rs. 1,200.00
Bike Mount | Mount for Bicycle: Cycling  FREE Shipping via FedEx Over Night Priority. Fenix ARB-L10 is a versatile quick release mount which enables the fitting of a flashlight to your bike handlebars.ALB-L10 Features: Fits torches with a body diameter of 18-26mm Fits handlebars with a diameter of 18-35mm  Quick detach...
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Compatible Models:  TK25IR TK25 R&B TK09 TK15UE (remove grip ring) TK16 (remove grip ring) TK20R (remove grip ring) Fenix ALC-01 Belt Clip Hands-Free, Worry Free Having a holster for your flashlight can be a necessity and extremely convenient for several types of users. Many law enforcement, tactical users, and outdoor enthusiasts need...
Rs. 500.00
Fenix Helmet Attachment Hook Set No More Slipping! Tired of your Fenix headlamp constantly slipping off your hard hat or helmet while working? The Fenix Helmet Attachment Hook Set has you covered. Nylon headbands may fit snug around our heads normally, but they tend to slide when placed on helmets, not have...
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Rs. 700.00
The Fenix ALD-08 Bike Light Helmet holder is the perfect companion for a variety of Fenix Bike lights including the BC21R V2.0 and BC25R. The body of the ALD-08 has a wide design to provide security when placing your bike light on your helmet. The thick cushioning helps maintain stability while riding. You can...
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The ALD-04 helmet flashlight holder is a fixed bracket that specially designed for firefighting and industrial workers to mount the flashlight on the helmet. The product includes two parts: the base and the clamping bracket. The base and the clamping bracket can be combined according to different helmet styles. The...
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Want to use your rechargeable 18650 batteries in your 21700 flashlights? No problem, with the ALF-18 Battery holder. The ALF-18 battery holder allows you to use an 18650 battery in flashlights that are built to use a 21700 battery. Slide your 18650 battery inside the ALF-18 battery holder sleeve, and your...
Rs. 1,350.00
Product Description: Introducing the brand new Fenix Flashlight Ring Mount. What is new with the Fenix ALG-00 is the quick-release feature as well as the new anti-slip inner rubber ring. With this new adjustable diameter design, you will be able to mount many different sizes of lights. This new design...
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Rs. 1,300.00
Mount Fenix reliability to a Picatinny/Weaver rail with this anodized aluminum mount.  Steel hex screws ensure positive engagement with a matte black finish for a professional appearance. Precision-machined aluminum Weight: 1.8 oz. (51g) Compatible: Any flashlight diameter of 0.93″-1.02″ (23.6-26mm) Included: Allen wrench, spacer
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Rs. 500.00
Compatible Models: Fenix HL55 & Fenix HL60R Fenix ALG 03 Headlamp Attachment for HL55 and HL60R A reliable mounting bracket for your favorite Fenix headlamps, the Fenix ALG-03 is an adhesive attachable mount for heavy duty work helmets. Made from durable nylon, the ALG-03 secures firmly with one of two powerful adhesive...
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Rs. 2,500.00
The new Fenix ALG-18 is the perfect accessory for any tactical setup. The ALG-18 is a heavy-duty barrel mount that fits most Fenix flashlights with a diameter of 1". The mounting portion allows for quick assembly and disassembly on most gun barrels. The ALG-18 also includes and rubber pad at...
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Rs. 250.00
The new Fenix ALL-01 Soft Flashlight Lanyard is perfect for hand carrying those larger flashlights. The ALL-01 provides added security to prevent accidental dropping during carry. The adjustable lanyard with the soft silicone tubing makes the carry comfortable during long periods of use. In addition, the exceptionally strong nylon weaved lanyard holds...
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Rs. 1,200.00
Protect your Fenix Investment with the ALP-10 flashlight holster. This all-new holster has excellent features, including nylon material that is hot press molded and a quick-release design that is perfect for law enforcement officers. The ALP-10 Flashlighter holster is available in two different sizes to accommodate different Fenix flashlights.  ...
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Holster for Flashlights and Holster for Multi-Tools Fenix ALP-MT Holster for LED Flashlights & Multi Tools STATUS: AVAILABLE, 48 Hours Delivery! USE CODE: FREESHIPPING Availble in Three Colors: Black | Khaki | Olive Fenix ALP-MT Tiger holster: - Practical small pouch for flashlights, knives, Multi tools,etc.- Wide compatibility with adjustable lid- Secured by...
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85 Lumens | 1* AAA Battery | Battery Included Fenix 15th Anniversary Edition LIMITED STOCKS AVAILABLE! Beauty Meets Brawn Fenix is celebrating their 15th anniversary in style! This elegant, limited edition flashlight will turn heads with its rose gold body and rich phoenix etching. It combines boardroom looks with power and...
Rs. 600.00
Product Description You've asked and we've delivered.  Available in red, green, and blue. Features Red: Preserves nigh vision Improves night vision visibility Assists in spotting game without fear of being detected Green Preserves night vision Perfect for map reading Blue Preserves night vision Perfect for highlighting blood trails Specifications Compatible...
Rs. 500.00
The Fenix AOT-02 is a new traffic wand that is compatible with various Fenix flashlights in the 40mm diameter range.  Specifications Compatible Flashlights TK26R TK22 V2.0 TK22UE TK25 IR TK25 UV TK25 Red TK25 R&B FD41 Works as diffuser tip Made from quality PC Material High Temperature resistance  
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Rs. 500.00
Fenix's traffic wand will convert your flashlight into a glowing orange high-visibility wand.  It's a great option for emergency situations and traffic control.  Features Made from PC 2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG, high-quality guarantee Anti-impact and anti-heat compressive resistant, super durable, and known as a bullet-proof plastic...
Rs. 465.00
Traffic Wand : Compatible to Fenix TK35 and Fenix TK35UE   Product Description The Fenix AOT-01 Traffic wand for the TK35 series flashlights will be coming soon!The Fenix AOT-01 Traffic Wand is the perfect companion to the Fenix TK35 Series flashlights! With the Fenix AOT-01, you can easily convert your flashlight...
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Rs. 1,200.00
Specifications Cordura Fabric PU Lining - Breathable and waterproof Inner Structure: Main Compartment plus four partitions Size: 6.2" x 4.9" x .78"
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Rs. 950.00
Headlamp Storage Bag/Pouch  Compatible Headlamps: HL10, HL12R, HL15, HL16, HL18R, HL23, HL26R, HL30, HL32R, HL35, HL40R, HL50, HM50R, HL55, HL60R   Storage for your Fenix Headlamps has arrived. The Fenix APB-20 is an ultra-compact headlamp storage bag that fits most Fenix headlamps. The easy-to-use headlamp bag also has a multipurpose storage...
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Rs. 10,000.00
Fenix APEX 20 is the special limited edition flashlight for commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Fenix. This flashlight is limited to a total production run of 2500 units and is stamped with its number—making this flashlight a collector’s dream. This unique flashlight is made of TC4 titanium alloy and comes...
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Fenix 14500 1.5V 1600u mAh Battery  Single Battery Listing with USB Rechargeable Port    Specifications: Model Name: ARB-L14U-1600u Certification: BIS Approved Capacity: 1600mAh  Voltage: 1.5V  Charge current rate: Micro-USB 5V / 1.0A Watt Hours: 2.4 Wh Dimensions: Length - 1.97" (50 mm) * Diameter - 0.57" (14.5 mm) Weight: 19g (0.67 Oz) Recharge Cycles: 500 Cycles Protection: Over Charge...
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DESCRIPTION: Fenix ARE-C1 dual bay smart battery charger offers a high quality, safe and convenient way to charge one or two 18650 Li-ion batteries, either from mains electricity or a 12V vehicle power socket using the supplied adaptor. ARE-C1 offers over charge, over discharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection,...
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Fenix ARE C1+ Charger DISCONTINUED | Upgraded to Fenix ARE A2 Please click here --> Fenix ARE A2   Fenix ARE-C1+ Smart Charger 2 Independent Channels With two separate bays and a big LED readout, the Fenix ARE-C1+ gives you massive information in a simple package. The LED screen can...
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Fenix ARE C2+ Charger DISCONTINUED | Upgraded to Fenix A4 Please click here --> Fenix ARE A4   Fenix ARE C2+ With display for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-mh Four Channel Smart Charger The ultimate in efficient battery charging, the Fenix ARE C2 Plus is a four bay smart charger compatible with both Li-ion...