Fenix TK41C Tri Color 8*AA Battery Powerful Flashlight

by Rajeev Varindani

Greetings, Lumen Lover's in India! 

The TK41C is back in the house! You have the classic TK41 styling with updated specs and color outputs. Feel 1000 Lumens in the palm of your hand.

Buy Fenix TK41c LED Flashlight in india

This week we are focusing preparing you for the outdoors. A good start is with the TK41C...then we are offering some really cool gear to accessorize your EDC stock.

(Limited quantities Available)

Fenix TK41C is a high output AA flashlight that combines white, red and blue light together. It has two switches that work separately on white light output and colored light output, and get access to fast activation and shiftiness. The white light reaches max 1000 lumens and long-range distance to 480 meters. The unique design of the battery compartment realizes flexible battery application to avoid shortage of supplementary battery. Equipped intelligent memory circuit, lock-out function and battery level indication optimize TK41C more versatile and user-friendly.

This is going to your best AA Battery operated Flashlight. 

Team LightMen
Lighting India

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