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Looking for Fenix LED Flashlights in India?   
Fenix has some of the best and brightest LED Flashlights/LED Torch, Headlamps, Camping Lanterns and Bike Lights for work professionals, Tactical Applications(Tactical Flashlights) & Camping, Hiking Purpose Lights.
You can buy 100% Genuine Fenix Flashlights, Fenix Battery, Fenix Batteries and Fenix accessories with Guarantee by LightMen in India.

Fenix Range of Flashlights in India:

E Series E01 | E05 |E12 | E15 | E16 | E16Ti | E18R | E20 | E25UE | E30RE35UE 
RC Series C6 | RC40
UC Series UC01 | UC02 | UC02SS | UC30 | UC35 | UC52
TK Series TK09 | TK15UE | TK20R | TK22 UETK25 R&B | TK25 UV | TK32 | TK35 | TK35UE | TK47 | TK47UE | TK65R | TK75 | TK72R | TK76
FD Series FD30 | FD41
PD Series PD25 | PD32 | PD35 TAC | PD35 V2 | PD35 CAMO | PD36RPD40R
LD Series LD02 | LD05 | LD12 | LD15R | LD30LD41 | LD42 | LR40RLD75C
MC Series MC11 | WT20R
SD Series (UnderWater) SD20
Safe (Explosion Proof/ Flame Proof) WF11E | WF05E
HM Series (Headlamps) HM23HM50R | HM65R
HL Series (Headlamps) HL10 | HL12R | HL15 | HL16 | HL18R | HL23 | HL26R | HL30 | HL32R | HL40R | HL50 | HL55 | HL60R | 
ABP-20 (Storage Bag)
HP Series (Headlamps) HP15UE | HP25R | HP30R
BC Series (Bike/ Bicycle) BC05R | BC25R | BC30 | BC35R 
CL Series (Camping) CL09 | CL20 | CL20R | CL23 | CL26R | CL30R

Fenix Range of Rechargeable Batteries in India:

18650 ARB L-18 (3.6V) 2600 mAh | 3400 mAh | 3500 mAh
18650 USB ARB L-18 (3.6V) 2600u mAh | 3500u mAh 
ARB L-16 (3.7V) 16340 700mAh | (3.6V) 16340u USB 700mAh | ARB L-14 (3.6V) 14500 800mAh | AA USB 1600mAh (1.5V) 

Fenix Range of Rechargeable Chargers in India:

One Slot ARE D1 (Smart Charger with Screen Display)
Two Slots ARE A2 (Smart Charger with Screen Display)
Four Slots ARE A4 (Smart Charger with Screen Display)

Fenix Range of Accessories (Miscellaneous) in India:

Tactical Pens T5Ti (Titanium) | T5 Al (Aluminium)
Others ALB-20 (Snap Hook) | NW20 Whistle (Loudest Whistle)
Flashlight Add-on Diffuser | Color Filter | Traffic Wand: AOT | AOT-01 (TK35's)
Flashlight Holster ALC-01 | ALP-MT
Lanyard ALL-01 (Soft Lanyard)
TK75 Extender Extended Runtime Kit
Helmet Accessory Head Band | ALD-02 | ALG-03
Bike Mount ALB-10
Remote Switch AER-02 | AER-03
Tool Case (Storage) AFH-01 | ABP-20 (Headlamp Storage Bag)

Rs. 650.00 Rs. 1,000.00
Fenix finally releases 16340 battery with a built-in protection circuit.  As with all Fenix products, you have the assurance you are getting the highest quality possible in this new battery addition.  With multiple layers of protection, you can expect 500 charge cycles. Specifications Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Rechargeable Battery 700mAh Protection...
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13 Lumens | 1* AAA Battery (Included) | Keychain Flashlight If you need a light that provides a substantial light output but lacks the cumbersome and bulky design of a search light, then this light is for you! The Fenix E01 is a mini LED flashlight with a negligible size...
Rs. 999.00
45 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED Keylight | Mini KeyChain Flashlight (InBuilt Battery Included) Teeny Tiny - Big Muscle! Calling the Fenix UC01 compact is an understatement. This keychain light is about the size of your thumb, and is brighter than most incandescent bulb flashlights. This handy flashlight features three output...
Rs. 1,200.00
Fenix Lifesaving Whistle 2016 Edition Must-have Item for any Outdoor Survival Kit The brand-new Fenix Lifesaving Whistle 2016 Edition is a must-have item for any outdoor survival kit. It is a necessity for when you are camping, hiking, or participating in any other outdoor activities. A strong and long-lasting tool,...
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Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 1,650.00
8 Lumens | Camping Portable Light | 1* AAA Battery | Battery Included   Features a tri colour LED  8 Max lumen output  Uses 1 x AAA battery Fenix CL05 Liplight Tri-Colored Flashlight Emergency Lamp Keeps You Safe Need a way to make yourself more visible at nighttime? Have you...
Rs. 1,500.00
85 Lumens | 1* AAA Battery (Included) | Keychain Flashlight   - Available in BLUE, PURPLE & BLACK , Virtually Indestructible- 85 Lumens, Cree XP-E2 LED, Powered by 1xAAA Battery Available in BLACK | BLUE | PURPLE Fenix is going ahead and updating a majority of their lights across the different lines. The...
Rs. 1,650.00
BC05R | Rechargeable LED Bike/Bicycle Light | 10 Lumens | Battery Included    Fenix BC05R Rechargeable Bicycle Taillight Multifunctional Usage Lighter than an AA battery, the Fenix BC05R Rechargeable Bicycle Taillight is noticeable to everyone but you. Capable of emitting a red light that can be seen up to 200 meters away, this taillight...
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Rs. 1,900.00
130 Lumens | 1* AA Battery | Battery Included  Fenix E12 CREE XP-E2 LED Flashlight (130 Lumens) Runs on 1pc AA Battery | High Power LED Flashlight Waterproof | Dustproof | Impact Resistant Ideal for Night/Evening Walks, EDC(Everyday Carry),  Backup in Car, Home use, Office Desk Use, etc.. If you...
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130 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED KeyLight | Mini Keychain Flashlight (Battery Included) Immense Output, Small Package No larger than a tube of chapstick and filled to the brim with illuminating power, the Fenix UC02 Rechargeable LED Keylight is one of the practical and potent keylights on the market! Less than two inches in...
Rs. 2,200.00
Fenix HL10 LED Headlamp - 2016 Edition Brilliant Hands-Free Lighting Perfect for joggers and other everyday users, the Fenix HL10 LED Headlamp is a compact and capable light source for anyone who needs to keep their hands free. Less than 3 inches in length, this pint-sized illuminator uses a powerful...
Rs. 2,400.00
70 Lumens | 1* AAA Battery | Battery Included  Fenix LD02 V2.0 Dual Lighting Sources LED Penlight High-Quality EDC Light Equipped with a pair of specialized LEDs and built to last, the Fenix LD02 V2.0 is the ultimate EDC illuminator! Crafted from high-strength aluminum and stainless steel, this durable penlight will easily endure...
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Features a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED 450 Max lumen output Uses 1 x CR123 or 16340 battery battery Best in class Keychain LED Flashlight, Brightest Key chain Light 2016 Compact twist head every day carry The classic Fenix E15 is a little light that is back in a big way! This light...
Rs. 2,500.00
200 Lumens | 2* AAA Battery | Battery Included Fenix HL15 Lightweight Running LED Headlamp Get on your feet and get running with the Fenix H15, a high powered yet lightweight LED headlamp designed specifically for athletes. This portable powerhouse uses the cutting edge power of a CREE XP-G2 R5 LED to produce...
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150 Lumens | 1* AA Battery | Battery Included Portable Lighting For Any Situation A lightweight and portable headlamp, the Fenix HL23 offers compact comfort and powerful lighting with a CREE XP-G2 R5 LEDthat is capable of emitting up to 150 Lumens of bright lighting power. A comfortable head band...
Rs. 2,800.00
265 Lumens | 2* AA Batteries (Included) Product Description The new Fenix E20 2015 Edt. is a convenient and practical flashlight.  It features a user-friendly interface with two easy-to-get AA batteries.  This has a phenomenal maximum output of 265 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 689 feet (210 meters)....
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Rs. 2,800.00
200 Lumens | Camping Portable Light | 1* 16340 USB Battery | Battery Included  Fenix CL09 Rechargeable Camping Lantern 16340 USB Rechargeable Battery Included Features Three Color Outputs The Fenix CL09 camping lantern comes with a variety of features that make it one of the best area lights available. This...
Rs. 3,000.00 Rs. 3,500.00
300 Lumens | Camping Portable Lantern | Uses 3* AA Batteries ( Battery Included) Fenix CL23 300 Lumen LED Camping Lantern The Fenix CL23 is a high-quality LED camping lantern, the perfect choice for enjoying evening time around a campsite. This free standing LED powerhouse emits up to a stunning 300 Lumens, bright enough...
Rs. 3,000.00
Intrinsically Safe Flameproof Torch | Neutral White LED | Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries (Included) Fenix WF05E Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight The Fenix WF05E Intrinsically Safe is the first flashlight made by Fenix that is certified by IECEx, ATEX and CSA, making this Intrinsic flashlight safe for use in Zone...
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Rs. 3,100.00
100 Lumens | 2*AAA Battery | Battery Included Fenix LD05 V2.0 Dual Lighting Sources LED Penlight Just What The Doctor Ordered! Ideal for everyone from medical professionals to law enforcement, the Fenix LD05 V2.0 LED Flashlight is the ultimate EDC for specialized illumination! This amazing penlight is powered by a pair of common...
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Rs. 3,250.00
155 Lumens | Multi-Angle Flashlight | 1* AA Battery | Battery Included Product Description : 2014 Model 155 Lumens NEW UPGRADE! The category-defying MC11G2 angle light is a favorite among trade professionals and recreational users.  You can clip it to most anything, hang it via a lanyard or the built-in...
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Rs. 3,300.00
High Performance EDC Flashlight As a compact everyday carry light, the Fenix E16 is truly a contender for the best in its class. While it may be minuscule, the E16 is also mighty with an integrated neutral white CREE XP-L HI LED that produces a whopping 700 Lumens when powered with a 16340 battery....
Rs. 3,450.00
300 Lumens | Outdoor Headlamp | 2*AA Included Batteries Fenix HL30 2018 Edition Outdoor Hiking Headlamp Featuring Red and White LEDs The Fenix HL30 2018 Edition Outdoor headlamp is designed for those who want to spend countless nights in the great outdoors. The astoundingly long runtimes and light outputs are...
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MOST ECONOMICAL | DURABLE | RELIABLE FLASHLIGHT in India. ◎ Fenix C6 is professional Custom Series First Product, Designed for India. ◎ It has a Micro USB support direct charge, high-brightness small outdoor flashlight. Three brightness levels, high brightness up to 900 lumens, taking into account the need for different brightness and battery life...
Rs. 3,800.00
1000 Lumens | 2* AA Battery (Included) or 2* 14500 (Not Included) Features a Cree XP-L V5 LED 1000 Max lumen output Uses 2 x AA or 14500 Li-ion battery    Fenix E25UE Ultimate Edition Rechargeable Flashlight Astounding Output and Longevity Anyone who says you can't get impressive production from...
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1000 Lumens | 1* 18650 or 2* CR123A Battery | Not Included Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition Compact Ultimate Edition EDC CREE XM-L2 U2 LED power in a slim style body Bursting on to the scene with an upgraded LED, the Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition returns with 1000 Lumens of powerful...