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Looking for Fenix LED Flashlights in India?   
Fenix has some of the best and brightest LED Flashlights/LED Torch, Headlamps, Camping Lanterns and Bike Lights for work professionals, Tactical Applications(Tactical Flashlights) & Camping, Hiking Purpose Lights.
You can buy 100% Genuine Fenix Flashlights, Fenix Battery, Fenix Batteries and Fenix accessories with Guarantee by LightMen in India.

Fenix Range of Flashlights in India

E Series E-LiteE01 V2 | E02RE03R | E12 V2 | E15 | E16 | E18R | E20 Old | E20 V2E28RE30R | E35 V3 
UC/RC Series UC30 | UC35 | C6 V2 
TK Series TK11 TACTK16 V2TK20R | TK22 UETK25 R&B  | TK26R | TK30 | TK35UE | TK65R | TK75 | TK72R 
HT Series HT18
LR Series LR35RLR40R | LR50R
FD Series FD41
PD Series PD25 | PD32 V2 | PD35 TAC | PD35 V2 | PD35 CAMO | PD36R | PD40R V2
LD Series LD02 | LD05 | LD12 | LD15R | LD30 | LD42 | LD32 UVC
WT Series MC11 | WT20R | WT16R | WT25R
SD Series (UnderWater) SD20
Safe (Explosion Proof/ Flame Proof) WF11E | WF05E
BC Series (Bike/ Bicycle) BC05R | BC25R | BC30 V2  
CL Series (Camping)2 CL20R | CL23 | CL26R | CL30R

HM Series
HM23HM50R | HM61RHM65R | HM65R-T
HL Series
HL12R | HL15 | HL16 | HL18R | HL26R | HL30 | HL32R | HL40R | HL50 | HL60R 
HP Series
 HP15UE | HP25R | HP30R 
ABP-20 (Storage Bag) | APB-30 (Storage Bag)

Fenix Range of Rechargeable Batteries in India:

18650 ARB L-18 (3.6V) 2600 mAh | 3400 mAh | 3500 mAh
18650 USB ARB L-18 (3.6V) 2600u mAh | 3500u mAh 
21700 ARB-L21 5000mAh
21700 USB 5000mAh USB  
ARB L-16 (3.7V) 16340 700mAh | (3.6V) 16340u USB 700mAh | ARB L-14 (3.6V) 14500 800mAh | AA USB 1600mAh (1.5V) 

Fenix Range of Rechargeable Chargers in India:

One Slot ARE D1
Two Slots ARE A2
Four Slots ARE A4

Fenix Range of Accessories (Miscellaneous) in India:

Tactical Pens T5Ti | T5 Al
Others ALB-20 (Snap Hook) | NW20 Whistle (Loudest Whistle)
Flashlight Add-on Diffuser | Color Filter | Traffic Wand: AOT | AOT-01 | AOT-02
Flashlight Holster ALC-01 | ALP-MT | ALP-10
Lanyard ALL-01
Battery Tube ALF-18
Helmet Accessory Head Band | ALD-02 | ALG-03 | AFH-02
Bike Mount ALB-10 | ALD-08 (Bicycle Helmet Holder)
Remote Switch AER-02 V2 | AER-03 | AER-03 V3
Tool Case (Storage) AFH-01 | ABP-20
Storage Pouch/Bag AFB-10
Fenix Promotionals AFH-10 

Rs. 28,000.00
Blasting a maximum 12000 lumens, this flashlight can throw that light an incredible 3117ft (950 Meter) The perfect searchlight? We have it! It's big, powerful, and has a beam distance of 3116 feet. This new flashlight goes by the name of LR50R. The powerful LR50R will impress anyone with the...
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Rs. 25,000.00
The Fenix LR40R is a 12000-lumen flashlight made for search and rescue. The Fenix LR40R is the brightest flashlight made by Fenix.  Capable of 2536-foot beam visibility, it can be used to find any object in the dark. Dual stainless steel side switches allow you to quickly activate and cycle through the four spotlight modes and five...
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Rs. 18,000.00
Everyone loves the Fenix TK series flashlights, and now there is even more to love! The newly released Fenix LR35R Flashlight that was revealed at Shot Show 2020 has finally arrived at Fenix Store! This powerful Torch has a similar body to the Fenix TK35 torches but is much more potent with 10,000 lumens of...
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Rs. 9,000.00
The upgrade that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! The Fenix TK16 V2.0 has a brand new look and is loaded with great features. This excellent flashlight produces a total of 3100 lumens, all powered by a single 21700 battery. The 21700 battery is included with your purchase,...
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Rs. 2,300.00
WE DON’T DO LASER ENGRAVING ON THIS LIGHT.   The Fenix E03R Keychain Flashlight is possibly one of the most anticipated releases from Fenix this year. This compact flashlight has a max output of 260 lumens with a USB Type-C charging port. Some of the features of the E03R are the all-metal housing, white and...
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Rs. 10,500.00
How do you make the Fenix PD40R any better? You upgrade it! At the 2020 Shot Show, Fenix did precisely this. The all-new Fenix PD40R V2.0 features include a mechanical rotary switch to increase and decrease input levels. The PD40R V2.0 also has a battery level indicator and a max...
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Rs. 19,000.00
5100 Lumens | Runs on 4* 18650 Batteries 4pc Batteries & A4  Charger to be bought Separately Fenix TK75 Darkness Terminator Rechargeable LED Flashlight "Hasta La Vista, Darkness!" Darkness beware, the Fenix TK75 Rechargeable LED Flashlight 2018 Edition has arrived and it is ready to terminate you! This impressive machine truly seems...
Rs. 10,500.00
Year after year, Fenix has been the brand that law enforcement officers rely on when choosing a tactical flashlight. For this reason, Fenix has developed the TK26R Tactical flashlight. The design of the TK26R is based on the needs and wants of law enforcement personnel around the world. The bright...
Rs. 12,000.00
The Fenix HT18 is the newest hunting Long Range LED Torch flashlight from Fenix with 1500 lumens, long-range visibility, and color filters to help you go undetected in the woods. One of the great features of the Fenix HT18 is the ability to use both a 21700 battery or and 18650 battery with the included ALF-18 battery...
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Rs. 4,300.00
WE DON’T DO LASER ENGRAVING ON THIS LIGHT.   The HL18R is a compact USB rechargeable headlamp with extreme versatility. It features two separate beam options (spot and flood), six different lighting levels (plus SOS), and allows you the unique ability to use multiple options to power the headlamp.  The Fenix HL18R is...
Rs. 1,650.00
WE DON’T DO LASER ENGRAVING ON THIS LIGHT.   The Fenix E-LITE is a multipurpose super mini light that can be clipped on a hat, pocket, backpack, bicycle, or worn on your waist or chest. The Fenix E-Lite has two lights: one on top, which provides three brightness levels from...
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