Fenix HT Series LED Torch

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    Fenix HT18 LED SpotLight In India, 1km Long Range Powerful Torch, Spot Light Rechargeable Searchlight for Outdoors, Hunting Treks, Policing, Red and Green Filters Light
    Fenix HT18 Spotlight Torch
    Rs. 12,000.00

    Fenix HT Series -  Flashlights Made for Hunting

    Whether you're heading out in the early morning or challenging yourself with nighttime hunting, it's imperative to have the right LED flashlight at your side. With this in mind, Fenix developed hunting flashlights that stand above the rest. Able to withstand recoil, The

    HT series are heavy-duty and long-lasting Flashlights. Fenix designs their LED flashlights to withstand the harsh outdoors so you can rely on your torch time and time again. HT Series LED flashlights to feature high outputs and extremely focused beams giving you incredible bean distances. These flashlights are also compatible with many accessories to make your outdoor trips more successful. Some of the HT series flashlights include accessories such as filters, making the flashlight a more invaluable tool for your next hunt.