Laser Engraving on Fenix, Leatherman & Zippo

Name Laser Engraving on Zippo (Extra Charge)

Elevate your Zippo experience with optional engraving at an additional cost – personalize your lighter with your name. Make your Zippo more than just a tool; let it become a uniquely crafted expression of your identity. Ignite your style and memories with a customized touch, turning your Zippo into a cherished and distinctive companion.| Name engraving: Rs. 350/-

Simple Logo Laser Engraving on Zippo (Extra Charge)

Upgrade your Zippo lighter with a touch of distinction through our simple logo engraving service, available at an additional cost. Personalize your lighter with a chosen emblem, turning it into a unique logo that speaks volumes about your style. Illuminate your moments with a customized Zippo, where simplicity meets individuality in every flame. | Simple logo Engraving: Rs. 800/-

Detailed & Full Size Logo Laser Engraving on Zippo (Extra Charge)

Enhance your Zippo lighter with personalized flair – opt for our Details or full sized logo engraving at an extra cost. Add a unique emblem or a small design, creating a custom accessory that reflects your style down to the smallest detail. Illuminate your moments with a Zippo that not only lights up but also speaks volumes about your individuality through carefully chosen details. | Detailed or full sized engraving: Rs. 1500/-

Name Engraving on Leatherman Multi-Tool (FREE)

Unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impression with a personalized emblem/logo (at an additional cost) on your Leatherman multi-tool. Enhance its functionality and make it truly yours with our logo engraving.

Name Engraving on Fenix LED Torches (FREE)

Elevate your illumination experience with Fenix torches – introducing complimentary laser engraving! Your adventures, your name, forever etched on your trusty torch. Add a touch of personalization to your gear and let your name shine in every beam, making your Fenix torch uniquely and unmistakably yours. Illuminate your journey with a personalized glow that echoes your individuality.

Logo Engraving on Fenix LED Torches (Extra Charge)

Customize on few of our selective Fenix torches with a fancy logo of your choice for a little extra charge. Transform your torch into a personal symbol of pride, resonating with an image that holds significance for you. | Logo Engraving: Rs. 800/-

Laser Engraving on Ruike (Extra Charge)

Ruike Knife with custom engraving, offered at an extra charge. Personalize your blade with a unique touch – add your name or a chosen logo. Elevate your knife from a tool to a personalized statement, blending functionality with individuality effortlessly. | Name Engraving: Rs. 350/-


Absolutely! We offer laser engraving services to personalize the product bought from us. You can add names, logos, or special messages to make it uniquely yours. You can customise the name or logo on Fenix Torches, Leatherman Tools and Knife, Ruike, Zippos Lighters.

No, laser engraving does not affect the warranty of the product. We take extra care to ensure that the engraving process does not compromise the quality or functionality of the item.

Certainly! We provide a range of font options, and you can also submit your own design or logo.

Enjoy the added personalization at no extra cost for Fenix and Leatherman products, For others there is a nominal fee for laser engraving services.

Text: ₹ 350/-
Simple Logo: ₹ 800/-
Detailed Logo: ₹ 1500/-

For Fenix and Leatherman products 1 line (Max 2 words depends on the Product Size) text engraving is complimentary and the 2nd line will be chargeable 350/- and varies depending upon the length of quote / paragraph.

Once the order is placed you will receive the Comfirmation mail in that you will receive a link in that link you will find Google form. For logo you can write i want logo in the engraving form our engraving team will contact you on whatsApp to get the details.

Unfortunately, due to the personalized nature of laser engraving, we cannot accept returns for engraved items.

The processing time for laser engraving varies depending on the complexity of the customization. Typically, it adds a 1 or 2 days extra to the standard processing time.

Laser Engraving on Zippo - Fenix - Leatherman - Ruike

Laser Engraving on Zippo - Fenix - Leatherman - Ruike

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