"Unleash the Power of Illumination: Experience Effortless Video Calls with Fenix Lights by LightMen"

Appointment based video calling service exclusive by LightMen, to ease your troubles and confusion about any given product available at our store: Fenix Lights, Ruike Knives, Leatherman Multi-tools and Zippo Lighters. 

You can ask for:

  • Comparison of models
  • Explanation about one particular model
  • Suggestion for best fit as per your need & requirement

Customers may learn more about a product through video call appointments before making a purchase. Video call appointments solve allows clients to communicate in real time with a product specialist or sales representative and ask questions or seek clarification on specific features. One of the primary advantages of video call appointments is that they give consumers with a more customised experience. Instead of simply browsing a website or reading product descriptions, clients may have a one-on-one interaction with someone who is educated about the product and can give extensive information. This can help our customers create trust and credibility. It also enhances product experience and understanding. The product specialist or sales representative might show the customer additional similar items that may be of interest during the meeting.

Please fill in the google form to book an appointment by clicking the button to book a video call.