About LightMen LED Flaslights

Primarily distributors of Philips Lighting, We've been in the lighting industry since 1989, Being in the lighting industry for over 25 years, we noticed that the Indian market didn’t have access to quality LED’s, flashlights and accessories that the world market gets to enjoy. To counter this, our catalog offers an expanse of best-selling LED panels, spotlights, ceiling lights and flashlights.

 As Fenix flashlight distributors, our flashlights catalog includes several variations of handy flashlights like bike lights, diving flashlights, headlamps and powerful search lights among others. We also sell a wide range of flashlight accessories like mounting devices and holsters, remote pressure switches, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, color filters, traffic wands and life saving whistles.

We at LightMen are determined to drive on the two basic parameters for flashlights and its accessories that the Indian market currently lacks - Reliability and Durability. With this as our priority, we introduced Fenix flashlights in the country. Fenix flashlights are known to be the best in the LED flashlights industry the world over. Their sale expands over 78 countries with a loyal customer base that goes well into the millions. 

With over 2 decades of expertise in the lighting industry, we at LightMen understand that the costs that are associated with international brands in importing, custom duty and freight is high, which results in higher priced products when compared to the inferior Indian alternatives. But, we import directly from manufacturers in bulk quantities and without involving C&F or import agents, which directly benefits our customers. Our aim is to provide reliable and durable products for the best possible price. Our products are available to the Indian market at the same prices as that in the international market.

We currently have Fenix distributor retail stores in Hyderabad, Pune, Guwahati and a few others with growing reach every month.

Our goal is to reach and educate people all over India about the quality LED flashlights brands have to offer.

We offer FREE door delivery around India in a quest to achieve the goal of delivering the flashlights to customers which have value for money and durability.

For demos of some of the best Fenix flashlights in the world, you are welcome to walk into any of our retail stores.

For any information and assistance, you can reach us at +91-9849000777