Fenix UC Series USB Rechargeable Flashlights, USB Rechargeable Torch

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USB Powered LED Flashlights in India with Rechargeable Battery!

USB Charging 
Taking its cues from the RC Series, the Fenix UC Series adds the convenience of being charged via the Micro USB port standard. Housing the latest Cree LED technology the UC Series delivers lighting suitable for duty usage as well as every day carry (EDC). 

Rs. 850.00
45 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED Keylight | Mini KeyChain Flashlight  Teeny Tiny - Big Muscle! Calling the Fenix UC01 compact is an understatement. This keychain light is about the size of your thumb, and is brighter than most incandescent bulb flashlights. This handy flashlight features three output levels, and the...
Rs. 2,000.00
130 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED KeyLight | Mini Keychain Flashlight  Immense Output, Small Package No larger than a tube of chapstick and filled to the brim with illuminating power, the Fenix UC02 Rechargeable LED Keylight is one of the practical and potent keylights on the market! Less than two inches in length and rigged...
Rs. 2,500.00
130 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED Keylight | Mini Keychain Flashlight Compact Size, Powerful Output Pint-sized but powerful, the Fenix UC02SS Rechargeable LED Keylight is one of the handiest, most effective keylights on the market today! Barely bigger than a tube of lip balm and complete with a convenient ring-shaped...
Rs. 3,200.00
800 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED Torch | Battery Included   MOST ECONOMICAL | DURABLE | RELIABLE FLASHLIGHT in India. Fenix C6 is professional Custom Series First Product, Designed for India. It has a Micro USB support direct charge, high-brightness small outdoor flashlight. Three brightness levels, high brightness up to 800...
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Rs. 5,000.00
1000 Lumens | USB Rechargeable | Fenix 18650 Battery Included Reliable EDC Light There's a new EDC light in town and it goes by the name of Fenix UC30 Rechargeable LED Flashlight 2017 Edition! This newly upgraded flashlight is designed to provide stellar professional-level power while still fulfilling all the qualities...
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Rs. 7,300.00
1000 Lumens | Upgraded Version | USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight | Battery Included  Fenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Compact Tactical Torch Newly upgraded from its 2014 model, the Fenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is the perfect every day carry light for law enforcement and other tactical professionals. Measuring just 5...
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Rs. 12,000.00
3100 Lumens | USB Rechargeable | Battery Included   Fenix UC52 Rechargeable Smart Flashlight Innovative OLED Display The Fenix UC52 Rechargeable Smart Flashlight features an innovative OLED display screen that will show your remaining run time, charging time, and the output level that you are currently using with pinpoint accuracy....
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Rs. 6,800.00
1000 Lumens | USB Rechargeable Dual LED Headlamp | 1* 18650 Battery Included Multiple LEDs for Multiple Lighting Needs An impressive combination of power and versatility, the Fenix HP25R Dual LED Rechargeable Headlamp is the perfect accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. This innovative headlamp is equipped with a potent pair...
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Rs. 6,000.00
950 Lumens | USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp | 1* 18650 Battery Included Features a Cree XM-L2 T6 and red LED's 950 Max lumen output Uses 1 x 2600mAh18650 battery (included) Fenix HL60R LED HEADLAMP Dual Light Source Rechargeable Headlamp 950 Lumens of hands free, efficient lighting With the Fenix HL60R,...
Rs. 10,200.00
1750 Lumens | USB Rechargeable Headlamp | 2* 18650 Battery | Battery Included Fenix HP30R Headlamp What's The Difference? Introducing the new and improved Fenix HP30R Headlamp. The HP30R is brighter and more efficient than its predecessor! The LED lamp offers a significantly larger lumen outputs, better runtimes, and a...
Rs. 3,500.00
300 Lumens | USB Rechargeable Camping Portable Light | Battery Included   CL20R Rechargeable Camping Lantern Comes With 16 White LEDs and 2 Red LEDs The Fenix CL20R Rechargeable Camping Lantern is the new and improved camping light featuring 16 Neutral White LEDs and 2 Red LEDs. The CL20R camping...
Rs. 3,800.00
400 Lumens | USB Rechargeable Headlamp | Battery Included Fenix HL12R Rechargeable Headlamp High-Performance Compact Headlamp Small, flexible and ready for action - the Fenix HL12R is a rechargeable headlamp that is the ultimate hands-free lighting tool. Loaded with an ultra bright CREE XP-G2 LED, this little powerhouse can produce up to 400...
Rs. 4,500.00
600 Lumens | USB Rechargeable Headlamp | Battery Included Fenix HL32R Rechargeable Headlamp Eco-Friendly Hands-Free Headlamp A lightweight headlamp with loads to offer, the Fenix HL32R is a powerful hands-free lighting tool for all occasions. The HL32R headlamp combines a CREE XP-G3 LED with Li-ion battery pack power to produce a stunning 600...
Rs. 5,000.00
600 Lumens | Focusable Zoom Headlamp | USB Rechargeable | Battery Included Fenix HL40R Focusable LED Headlamp Spot to Flood in One Turn! One of the most versatile headlamps on the market today, the Fenix HL40R Focusable LED Headlamp is the perfect hands-free illuminator for any user, from the casual dog-walker to...


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