Fenix UC01 LED Rechargeable Keychain Light in India, 45 Lumens USB Rechargeable

by Gautam Sharma
Here comes Fenix UC01, a small, light weigh but powerful and functional rechargeable EDC light with Micro-USB charging.

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Main features as below:

1. fast and secure Micro-USB charging
2. high-performance floodlighting
3. built-in Li-polymer battery with protection circuit
4. battery indicator
Note: IPX-6 Water resistant with usb cap on.
Will be available in Matte Blue and Bright Purple


FAQs about Fenix UC01

Q: What’s the product positioning of UC01 and who are the target
A: This mini light is really suitable for carry-on wearing. The built-in Li-polymer battery boots the wanting output for hiking, reading and so on. This rechargeable Mini Light also features thoughtful design of battery level indicator and convenient Micro-USB
charging, the applications could be more flexible.

Q: What are the key features and benefits of UC01?
1) Fast and secure Micro-USB charging
2) High-performance floodlighting
3) Built-in Li-polymer battery and protection circuit
3) Battery level indicator
4) Water resistant to IPX-6

Q: What LED that UC01 employs?
A: It employs NICHIA high-performance LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Q: Why the floodlighting effect looks better than the manual said
A: In accordance with the ANSI standard, the border of the floodlight should be counted as 10% of the light flux, so the perimeter zone that lower than this figure will not be included in, though it has also offered illumination vision.

Q: Which kind of battery is used in the UC01?
A: It’s the Li-polymer battery that widely used in phones and power banks. And it features high performance, especially in charging and discharging. Furthermore, the built-in protection circuit makes it more reliable.

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