Fenix UC01 Vs Nitecore Tube USB Light Comparison Video

by Rajeev Varindani


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Fenix UC01 It’s a keychain light, with integrated li-po battery, micro usb charging port, battery charge indicator. It shares some features with the Nitecore Tube and because of that, I’ll compare the UC01 to the tube.

Fenix’s specs:

•Utilizes NICHIA high-performance LED with a
•lifespan of 50,000 hours
•Built-in Li-polymer battery
•Micro USB direct charging
•62mm Length x 22.5mm Width x 10mm Height (2.4×0.9×0.4 in)
•13 grams weight (0.5 oz) excluding key chain
•Spill beam angle of 102°
•Micro-USB charging, built-in protection circuits against
over charging and over discharging
•Stainless steel side switch for easy and convenient operation
•Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
•Intelligent memory circuit memorizes the last-used brightness level
•Battery level indicator
•Light body made of environmental PC materials
•Key chain made of zinc alloy, white nickel plated of the surface

It comes in a small plastic and cardboard box, with the light in plain sight. The specs on the back of the box.

Inside the box: a warranty card, the instructions (in many languages), some commercial material and finally… the little blue UC01.

The UC01 is a nice little light. The overall construction is simple but classy and sober, especially when compared to the tube that has a more eye catching look. On one side there is the Fenix logo with a nice X for adding contrast, the other side is just plain blue plastic.

The electronic switch is under a grey plastic cover. It is easy to find it because it sticks out, but it’s less grippy compared to the rubber one of the tube. It is more soft than the Tube one.
The UC01 has on the bottom some anchoring points for lanyard or keychain staff. The UC 01 it comes with the lobster clip installed.

The UC01, as the tube, has a horn shaped end to protect the led from damage during fall and carry.

The thickness is a bit more on the UC01, but nothing relevant.

It is a bit longer than the Tube.

However the difference is very little: 62×22.5 mm for the UC01 vs 56×21 of the Tube

The Tube can be took apart removing the screws, but I don’t see any screw on the UC01 so I think it’s kept in one piece with glue or by pressure.
With another widely owned keychain light: the Astrolux A01.

Click once to turn on the led battery indicator (green = charged, red = low charge, red flashing = less than 20% charge), it stays on for 3 seconds.

Keep pressed to turn the light on at the last used mode. Press to cycle to the modes in this order: low, mid, hi, lo, mid… the light has memory mode.
Keep pressed to turn the light off.
When you charge the light, the led battery indicator will be red, when charged it turns green. According to Fenix it will take up to 2 hours for fully charging the UC01 with a standard USB port, and recommends to charging every 2 month for insuring the best performance.

Beamshot: 1 meter from the wall
The blue UC01 has an opaque plastic, so no light will pass through the body of the light for the blue version. The pink one instead has clear plastic.

Fenix UC 01

Nitecore Tube

The UC01 is much more flood than the Tube. This means less throw (UC01 13Cd, Rube 80Cd) but better close range illumination (all the application where a hotspot is less desirable, such as illuminating your working area, reading…).

The tint seems cooler for the UC01, a bit on the blue side.
Also, no PWM at naked eye for each level.

Runtime and output Test:
With my ceiling bounce setup I found the UC01 to have the same output of the Tube, around 50ish lumens. Given the very high error at low measurement of my setup, I’ll stick to the 45 ANSI rated lumen, which I consider to be true.

Great regulation at Hi level. The other levels were not tested.



The Fenix UC01 is a well built keychain light, with a classy look.

The 3 levels are well spaced and regulated. The increased size (few millimeters) is compensated by increased runtime.

I like the battery indicator, it’s easy to read, and when charging isn’t painfully bright (as the one of the tube is).

The micro USB charging port for the integrated battery is always a nice feature. Many led keychains work with button cells: low runtime, output and expansive to replace.

With the integrated battery you get more runtime, and you can always charge them on the run with the widely diffuse micro USB port.

I carried for some time the Tube and I found it sometimes on in my pocket. I believe this also will happen with the UC01 since the pressure for activating the switch it’s lesser and the switch protrudes. If your carry system is prone to turning the light on (you have other items in the same pocket, you press your body against the light), I suggest you to put it in low mode.

By doing this, it will require many accidental activations to drain completely the battery.
For activating the light there is a delay of less than 1 second.

I appreciate the lack of visible PWM.

I red some users complain about the bluish tint of their UC01. My sample is a bit on the blue side.

A pure CW tint would be an improvement, and a NW tint would be even better (IMHO).

The price is reasonable, and is really a bargain when you find it for sale with a special discount.




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