4 Reasons Why Women Should Carry A Flashlight

by Namrata Varindani

First, you may ask, “Why should I carry a flashlight when my phone has one?

It makes sense to simply use the flashlight feature on your phone. Yes, it may give some light, but can it illuminate everything your needing to see? No.

A phone flashlight gives 5-10 lumens, allowing light to shine on the contents in your purse, yet, it’s unable to illuminate your surroundings. Even a small keychain flashlight can provide 10x more light, allowing true vision.

4 Reasons why women should use flashlight, Flashlight for Women, Self-Defence tool, Tool for emergencies, Tool for Women

Here are 4 reasons why women should consider carrying a flashlight everywhere they go:

1. Situational Awareness

Many women like to brighten their path while walking home or to their cars late at night. Extra light helps them feel safe and secure. Whether you’re walking on a college campus, maneuvering through a parking garage or jogging on a dark path, a flashlight or lightweight headlamp is always essential!
Flashlights are also handy around the house when searching in storage rooms, looking for lost objects and providing light in a power outage.

2. Self-Defense tool

From police to self-defense instructors, countless experts agree that a flashlight is a great tool to identify or ward off suspicious individuals, especially since flashlights are discreet. A powerful flashlight can stun an attacker, allowing you to get away.  A few reasons why using a flashlight for self-defense is a no brainer: you don’t need a permit, there are no laws against carrying a flashlight, you don’t have to carry around extra ammo, and you certainly don’t need to be worried about your kids playing with your flashlight.

3. Emergency tool

Flat tires, power outages, lost pets, natural disasters – Emergencies happen to us all. Flashlights come with several helpful features like SOS, strobe and red flashing alert modes that can aid you in an emergency. Because flashlights are compact and lightweight, they are easy to carry and store. Best practices include: keeping fresh batteries in flashlights at all times and keeping flashlights where you will need them during an emergency – bed side table, closet, glove box, emergency kit.

4. Every day tool

Not to be mistaken for just a safety tool, a flashlight can be handy in any daily task. Taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, weekend camping trips, walking back from photographing a beautiful sunset, lighting a fire, and finding that contact lens you dropped on the floor all require extra light.

Flashlights are a convenient, lightweight tool that you can keep in your purse, diaper bag, keychain and even in your pocket.

Flashlights can allow women to feel empowered and in control of everyday situations.

Getting caught in the dark is inevitable, especially in the winter.

Always be prepared, and even better, be equipped for the unexpected.

4 Reasons why women should use flashlight, Flashlight for Women, Self-Defence tool, Tool for emergencies, Tool for WomenA Woman’s Every Day Carry including Fenix PD25 and UC02SS Flashlight

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