Fenix E15 (16340/CR123A Battery) Keychain LED Flashlight Releasing in 2016

by Rajeev Varindani

We are glad to introduce the Fenix E15 2016 LED Flashlight which can now be powered with a 16340 Battery.

Fenix E15 LED Flashlight in india

Talk about an upgrade?
The powerful little torch has gone from 120 Lumens to a whopping 450 Lumens! This has been accomplished using a 16340 battery. Ultra-Bright Sub-Compact LED Flashlight

Fenix has taken the little E15 to an unbelievable level. There are bright compact flashlights and then there's the Fenix E15. The light itself is only slightly larger than the battery it runs on, and yet it's capable of producing brighter outputs than flashlights many times its size. This flashlight is just 2.55 inches long and weights 1 ounce without the battery installed. Powered by a single 16340 battery or a CR123A battery, the E15 can produce 450 lumens in its highest mode! Then to tope it off--the maximum beam distance is 433 feet! This ultra-small device is a popular choice for bugout bags and emergency kits because of its supreme portability and high outputs. Lithium battery-powered flashlights are also ideal for emergency kits because of their long shelf-lives.

How is the Fenix E15 Different from the Earlier E15, What has changed?
a. It supports 1*16340 rechargeable battery to reach 450lms max out put.
b. The design of head is different from the old one.

Q: What are the key features and benefits of E15 2016?

1) Compatible with 16340 Li-ion battery and CR123A battery
2) Four output levels
3) Twisty head switch
4) Compact and handy

Q: Can the E15 2016 flashlight tail stand?
A: Yes, it is capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle.

Fenix E15 2016 LED Flashlight India

Fenix E15 2016 LED Flashlight India

Fenix E15 2016 LED Flashlight India


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