Which is the best tactical flashlight from Fenix below INR 12000?

by Namrata Varindani

So you are looking to purchase a new tactical flashlight, but you don’t know where to get started? You have come to the right place. This blog post will discuss some of the best options of Fenix tactical flashlights.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a Tactical Flashlight from Fenix. We will be discussing 4 main categories that you need to consider and evaluate when purchasing a tactical flashlight from Fenix. The 4 aspects are Lumen amount, battery life, beam pattern, user interface. Each one of these categories provides value towards making the right decision when purchasing a Tactical flashlight.


The first thing to consider when purchasing a tactical flashlight is the amount of LUMENS that is has. When you discuss high quality tactical flashlights with professionals in fields such as military or law enforcement they all agree that you should never have anywhere between 750 to 1000 lumens. Most tactical flashlights form fenix will never have less than 900 lumens. Another great factor about tactical flashlights from Fenix is that they will have various outputs starting at 5 or 10 lumens and will increase to 1000 lumens with a click or tap on the output control switch. In certain tactical situation you don’t want to use a full 1000 lumens as you can alert a predator and expose you location. This is why having a tactical flashlight with various output is very important. 1000 lumens also provide the right amount of light to blind an enemy in a self defense situation. This is especially true when you are able to use the strobe option of your tactical flashlight. A powerful 1000 lumen tactical flashlight would be the Fenix TK20R. It provides the incremental outputs needed in a tactical situation and has a 1000 Lumen strobe option for self defense situations. This is one of the best tactical flashlights form Fenix, and it is available for purchase at Fenix-store.com The Fenix TK20R tactical flashlight also has a tactical head that makes is easy to use for striking and breaking glass. We consider the TK20R the best tactical flashlight in the 1000 Lumen output category.

Fenix TK20R 1000 Lumens LED Flashlight, USB Rechargeable Powerful LED flashlight in India


The second thing to consider when purchasing a quality tactical flashlight is the BATTERY LIFE. Many modern tactical flashlights only use rechargeable batteries. We believe you should have a tactical flashlight that can use both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Imagine that your out in the field and run out of charge. That won’t be a problem for the Fenix UC35 Tactical flashlight. This light can use both rechargeable 18650 batteries and non-rechargeable CR123 batteries. Both of these batteries will give similar runtimes and both allow the Fenix UC35 Tactical flashlight to work at full capacity. If you choose rechargeable batteries, we recommend the Fenix 18650 3500mAH high capacity battery. This high capacity 18650 battery can be charge inside the Fenix UC35 Tactical Flashlight, so you won’t have to purchase a separate charger. When you purchase a new UC35 flashlight from Fenix-store.com, the 3500 mAH battery and USB charging cable will be included.

Fenix UC35 V2.0 USB Rechargeable Micro USB Torch/Flashlight India, Fenix UC35 1000 Lumens, Pocket size Torch


Let’s move on to BEAM PATTERN. When choosing beam pattern for a Tactical flashlight it is important to consider what type of tactical situation you will find yourself in. Some tactical flashlights offer a beam pattern that is for long throw distance, this means that it can be seen from a far distance, and you can spot things at a far distance also. This may be helpful for a search and rescue missions or open fields. However if you find yourself in a enclosed space, or inside a building you may want a tactical flashlight that has flood beam pattern. This will allow you to see your surroundings and provide a better view of a closed encounter space. We recommend the Fenix TK35 if you are looking for a tactical flashlight that can be seen at a far distance. If you are looking for a tactical flashlight that has a flood beam, we would recommend the the Fenix TK35UE tactical flashlight. Both of these tactical flashlights are very similar, but offer different beam patterns. The TK35 and the TK35UE will both run on 18650 batteries or CR123 batteries. The TK35 tactical flashlight has a max output of 1300 lumens, while the TK35UE tactical flashlight has a max output of 3200 lumens.

Fenix TK35UE, TK35 Ultimate Edition 2018 Upgrade LED Searchlight, High Performance Long Distance Beam Throw Flashlight, 3200 Lumens, USB Rechargeable


The fourth category is USER INTERFACE. This is something very important when choosing a tactical flashlight. If you choose a tactical flashlight that has a very difficult user interface you may not be able to activate it when most needed. This could be disastrous in a tactical situation. To avoid this type of scenario, you would want to choose a flashlight that can be activated instantly with either a full click or half a press. A half press activation is superb because it is also silent, which is crucial for stealth scenarios. Our main recommendation is the Fenix PD35TAC. This efficient tactical flashlight is effortless to activate and has two user interface options. The tactical mode option allows you to activate the flashlight from the rear instantly with either a full click or a half press.Once activated or pressed the light will go directly to the turbo 1000 lumen setting, half presses will allow you to switch between the turbo output, the strobe output, and the low output. The regular outdoors mode allows activation from the rear, and increased lumen output with the side switch. The Fenix PD35 Tactical flashlight uses either an 18650 batteries or non-rechargeable CR123 batteries.

Fenix PD35 LED Flashlight, Tactical Torch, 1000 Lumens, Law Enforcement Security LED Torch in India


It never easy to choose a good quality tactical flashlight. We hope that these categories and suggestions help you make the correct decision when choosing your own Tactical flashlight. Other things to consider is the amount of time the flashlight will be used, how the flashlight will be carried, and the weight of the flashlight. Taking in consideration all these factors will provide clear choice when choosing the correct tactical flashlight. 


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