Fenix Camping Lantern's are here in India, Fenix CL20, CL25R & CL30R India

by Rajeev Varindani

It is now released! The lantern we have all be waiting on.  The new Fenix CL30R packs so much punch with so many features.  Not only do you get a powerful 650 lumens but also you also get an independent charging station for your other devices.  This is the lantern that should be on all your outdoor trips. The CL30R is like a street lamp--you get a maximum 115-feet diameter illumination area.  It features a cold-resistant battery compartment for all-season use. You have the flexibility of using one, two, or three 18650 batteries so you will never be in bind with power.  So this is the light for your outdoor site.  Hang it or put it on a tripod and watch the beauty of this technology.

Click on the link below to buy now! 

Fenix CL30R

Fenix CL25R

Fenix CL20

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