Fenix CL20R vs Fenix CL25R!

by Namrata Varindani


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Fenix CL20R VS Fenix CL25R 


Model Fenix CL20R Fenix CL25R
Price Rs. 3,500 Rs. 4,800
Output 300 Lumens 350 Lumens 
Features Rechargeable 
Beam Diameter 40 feet 82 feet
Red Light Yes. 1.5 Lumens Yes. 1.5 Lumens
Battery Built-in 1* 18650 
LED  Neutral White & Red Cool White & Red
Water Rating  IP66 rated IPX-8 rated
Number of Outputs  4 normal modes + Red 4 normal modes + Red
Color  Blue or Orange Black or Olive
Batteries Included Yes No
Length 2.8 inches 2.0 inches
Image  Fenix CL20R, Camping Lantern, Highly portable light weight, easy to carry LED Light, Rechargeable Camping Light Fenix CL25R, Rechargeable Camping Lantern, Portable Light-weight, easy to carry Led Torch, Camping Light for Outdoors


Either of these lanterns can certainly do the jobs needed. Both have a magnetic bottom and a D-ring for use. One special feature about the CL25R is that it has a tripod socket so you can easily set this light up for the perfect lighting for photography or just to light up the campfire. A big advantage that the CL20R has over the CL25R is that the LED is a neutral white light which is much better for color rendering as well as creating a nice, smooth beam. Both lights have a single switch for operation. One reason why the CL20R will be the winner in my opinion is that the magnet on the Fenix CL20R is much more powerful and has a wider surface area compared to the Fenix CL25R. The CL25R has a small round magnet, which is powerful, but the CL20R has nearly the whole entire bottom as a magnet. So if you looking for a great lantern for working on a car or even at a campfire, the CL20R will be perfect. With the magnet bottom for working on a car and then the D-ring to hang the light around the campfire.


  • LightMen

    We would advise the CL25R a better usage at home. It runs longer, has a 360 degrees lighting.
    You also get a 2 years warranty.
    For home use: Definitely the CL25R

  • Sanjeev Rai

    I want to purchase laterns for home. Which is better for home? Please advice me.

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