Fenix FD65: The Best Focus Flashlight of 2018 | Review

by Namrata Varindani

Fenix FD65 LED Focusable LED Flashlight, Focus Adjust Zoomable Searchlight, Powerful 3800 Lumens Torch, High Performance

Flashlight that adjust from Focus beam to a spotlight beam have been around since the early 80’s. This is why Fenix decided to make a quality focusable/adjustable flashlight that is powerful and easy to use. The Fenix FD65 is an extremely bright focusable flashlight with five different brightness levels including strobe and SOS. The FD65 allows you to alternate between spot and flood by twisting the focusing ring around the head of the light. The max lumen output on the FD65 is 3800 Lumens, being one of the brightest flashlights that Fenix has ever come out with. It is powered by 4 rechargeable 18650 batteries.

The focusing beam features a 90 degree flood light angle and a high powered spotlight that will reach up to 1345 feet. The neutral white light that it houses is very useful and highly recommended for outdoor activities like caving, hiking, camping, or even outdoor photography. The FD65 has a integrated quarter inch tripod socket for photography functionality. The TIR optical focusing lens was designed to give a smooth and even beam with a Cree XHP35 high neutral white LED rated for a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Fenix FD65 LED Focusable LED Flashlight, Focus Adjust Zoomable Searchlight, Powerful 3800 Lumens Torch, High Performance

The light weighs just over 15 ounces without the batteries and with the batteries it will probably be around 19 to 20 ounces. It's about 6 inches long. The Fenix FD65 has two switches on the body. In emergency situation you can power the Fenix FD65 with just 2 18650 batteries, however you will not be able to use the SOS or strobe outputs. The strobe setting will be at the high output of 3800 lumens, and the SOS will be at the 150 lumen output.

Let’s discuss the outputs. The first one being eco, which is 50 lumens with a run time of 86 hours. The Spotlight is 170 feet and floodlight is 36 feet. After the eco mode you have the low output, which is 150 lumens with a run time of 40 hours and 50 minutes. The spotlight beam is 278 feet, and the floodlight is 62 feet. Up from there is the medium setting at 400 lumens for 19 hours and 40 minutes of runtime. Spotlight at this setting is 430 feet and the floodlight is 95 feet on your throw distance. Next up is high output at 1200 lumens with a runtime of 5 hours, which is absolutely incredible for 1200 lumens. You have a spotlight distance of 754 feet, and the floodlight comes in at 160 feet. Finally, the turbo output at 3800 lumens with a runtime of 3 hours. The spotlight distance is 1345 feet, and the floodlight is 282 feet. And as I previously mentioned, the strobe is 3800 lumens, and the SOS is 150 lumens.

Fenix FD65 LED Focusable LED Flashlight, Focus Adjust Zoomable Searchlight, Powerful 3800 Lumens Torch, High Performance

Fenix has really created a amazing focusable flashlight. This is going to be a great seller, especially during the summer season and a lot more outdoor activities going on. I know I'm going to be showing this to a lot of family and friends and blow any light that they have out of the water. I has some serious power. The FD65 also features reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion and also has a digitally regulated output, so it's going to maintain the constant brightness.

A really nice feature that the FD65 has is the intelligent overheat protection, so it's going to protect you from higher surface temperature along with high internal temperatures as well. The Fenix FD65 is made from durable aircraft grade aluminum and is IP68 waterproof rated, which is going to be totally protected from any dust or other foreign objects. It can be submerged in water for 30 minutes up to 6 feet.

Fenix FD65 Focus Adjustable Flashlight, 3800 Lumen Searchlight | Powerful Searchlight | Zoomable Flashlight

If you are looking for the best flashlight of 2018 that focuses, I would recommend getting the Fenix FD65. This flashlight will not let you down and had the power to take on any high powered flashlight in the market.


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