Fenix HP25R vs Fenix HL60R!

by Namrata Varindani

Fenix LED Headlamp, Head Torch, Searchlight Headlamp, Fenix HL60R, Fenix HP25R, Rechargeable Headlamps

Fenix HP25R V/S Fenix HL60R

Model Fenix HP25R Fenix HL60R
Price Rs. 6,800 Rs. 6,000
Output 1000 Lumens 950 Lumens 
Features Rechargeable  Rechargeable
Throw Distance 187 meters 116 meters
Spot or Flood  Spot and Flood Flood
Red Light 0.2 Lumens  1 Lumen
Battery 1* 18650 1* 18650
Battery Pack In the Back In the Front
Helmet Attachment N/A Yes
Water Rating  IP66 rated IPX-8 rated
Number of Outputs  4 modes in both Spot & Flood + Red 5 modes + Red
Color  Grey Black & Yellow
Batteries Included Yes Yes
Length 10.7 inches 7.4 inches
Image  Fenix HP25R, Rechargeable LED Headlamp, Searchlight Head Torch Fenix HL60R, Rechargeable Headlamp, Powerful Head Torch


If you are looking for which one is the brightest, you won't really get a definitive answer. The difference of 50 lumens will not be noticeable by the naked eye. Also, with both being rechargeable and taking the same batteries, you won't be able to decide this way either. One big difference which could be the deciding factor, would be the spot AND flood light option that the HP25R provides. But on the other hand, some do not prefer the battery pack to be in the back due to the weight that can be included. With the battery located in the front on the HL60R, this will help make a deciding factor in terms of the Fenix HL60R.

Either way, you can't lose with these headlamps. Both bring power and functionality to the table. Whichever you choose, or both, you will walk away a winner with your pathway lit ahead of you.


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