Fenix PD35 vs Fenix UC35!

by Namrata Varindani

Fenix PD35, Fenix UC35, Rechargeable Flashlights, Duty LED Torch, Economical Flashlights, everyday Carry

Fenix UC35 VS Fenix PD35

Model Fenix UC35 Fenix PD35
Price Rs. 7,300 Rs. 6,000 + Battery
Output 960 Lumens 960 Lumens
Rechargeable Yes NO
Throw Distance 656 feet 682 feet
Red Light No No
Battery 1* 18650 1* 18650
Water Rating  IPX-8 rated IPX-8 rated
Number of Outputs  5 normal modes + Strobe 5 normal modes + Strobe
Color  Black Black
Batteries Included Yes NO
Length 5.9 inches 5.5 inches


Fenix PD35 upgraded to Fenix PD35 V2.0

For the perfect EDC light that is very powerful yet an easy fit in your pocket, you cannot go wrong with either of these lights. Both have a single tail switch to turn the light on/off and then a side switch to change the modes. The big difference between the PD35 and the UC35 will be the fact that the Fenix UC35 contains the battery included in the package and then is also rechargeable. With this feature, the UC35 takes the trophy home for me since you don't have to worry about taking the battery out to charge, it comes with everything you need to get started and then is a great fit in your hand and pocket.

Thanks Fenix-Store

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