Fenix RC40 (6000L) | Fenix TK75 (4000L) | LD75C (4200L)

by Gautam Sharma

Review of Fenix RC40 2016 with TK75 4000L and Fenix LD75C 4200L

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Lately, I got in the most impressive flashlight that I had my hands-on: the new Fenix RC40-2016 version. This impressive, big torch has an output of 6000 lumens, that is an increase of about 2000 lumens compared to my actual output-king, the Fenix LD75C. Above the impressive output, the RC40-2016 should reach a distance of 730 meters too. There are more interesting features, that I will show you in this review, including beamshots compared to other big lights. Let’s kick off!

the new Fenix output-king: RC40-2016 version

made for searching

powered by six XM-L2(U2) leds

rechargeable and also a power bank

As usual, we’ll start by looking at the manufacturer specs:


·Uses Cree XM-L2 U2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
·Tailored 7.4V/7800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
·272mm length x 52mm body diameter x 108mm head diameter
·1234-gram weight (43.5 oz) including battery
·Dual switch in the neck for fast and convenient operation
·AC charger and DC car charger supportable
·Serve as portable power bank because of discharge function
·Detachable shoulder strap, effectively release holding fatigue
·Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
·Intelligent memory circuit remembers the last-used brightness level
·when turned on again
·Protection against over-charge, over-discharge and over-heating
·Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
·Premium type
hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
·Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating


·272mm length
· 52mm body diameter
·108mm head diameter ·(10.7"×2"×4.3")
·1234-gram weight (43.5 oz) including battery

And the output specs:


The RC40-2016 comes in transparent plastic case, that we earlier met at the TK75. Fenix “wrapped” an attractive carton around the case, that shows the RC40-2016, the most important specifications and some “action-pictures”. The box has a lot of storage-components to restore the chargers, spare part and so on… The box is complete, except a holster. You should carry the RC40 by using the shoulder strap. Overall, a neat and complete carrying case! Scroll down to have a look into the box!

an attractive carton….

covers a plastic carrying-case

complete: two chargers, a lot of spare parts, and so on. Ready to go!


If you’ve ever had your hands-on to a Fenix, you will recognize this: There’s almost no flashlight that feels like a Fenix. The RC40 feels solid, long-lasting and is excellent manufactured and finished. Because of the large proportions this isn’t an all-day torch that you will carry every day. Although the RC40 has a heavy head (filled with many emitters), the light is balanced well. The RC40 has Fenix-looks: you will recognize details of the TK- and the other RC-members. Personally, I like the design, that gives the RC40 an impressive appearance. The machining, anodizing, and the used materials are of good quality. I couldn’t detect any flaws in the reflectors and the 6 XM-L2(U2) led are well-centered and have their own and typical position. The RC40 has total three holes in the head where you can screw-in the ring that is needed to add the shoulder strap. So, you can choose your favorite position. Also inside the tube it looks ok: No glue of solder rests, and gold plated contacts for the rechargeable battery-pack. At the lights’ back we see four (blue) indicators, a dc-in and an usb-out port and a little button. The little button is only for a power-check and can’t be used to turn the light on or off. All parts on this light feel durable, so overall, we can say the RC40 has very good quality. Please scroll down to view a lot of impression-pictures!

The big Fenix RC40-2016

has an impressive head

and has TK- and RC-looks

a stable-standing searchlight

a big light, but well-balanced

the RC40-2016 needs a big hand

excellent machining and finishing

deep ridges are needed to prevent overheating

impressive: such an output combined with excellent throw!

a close-up to the charging port

clean reflectors..

and well-centered leds that all have their own position

smooth running and well-greased threads

a look inside the tube

a close up to the battery-pack

in total three holes in the lights’ head to add the ring for the shoulder strap

the shoulder strap is needed while carrying the light for longer time

no flaws or defects detected

the car-charging option

I checked the voltage during charging my cell phone: 4.99 volts

and an output of 0.86 Amps

also gold-plated contacts in the tailcap

five reflectors and emitters built around the central led

a big guy for big tasks

User interface:

Because the RC40 is a heavy torch, the shoulder strap is needed when using the light for longer time. The RC40 needs a “big hand” because of the dimensions and the thick tube. The light is controlled by two button below the lights’ head. Personally, I would prefer stiff structure and illuminated of glow in the dark buttons that are easier to locate in total darkness. But the operation works fine and without defects.

Charging-job can be done using the power adaptor or the car-charger. It works simple, and the progress will take about average 3-4 hours when the cell has totally run out of power. In future, I would like to usb-charging, because the risk of forgetting the special charger….The blue leds will blink clockwise during the charging-progress until the RC40 is fully charged. The discharging works also fine, you can use the RC40 to recharge your cellphone for many times. The indicators will blink during that progress too, starting at the remaining power level. For example: when the battery is below 50%, only two indicators will blink during the progress. To check the actual voltage (in standby-mode), simply press the little button next the charging port.

Back to the buttons now: The right button is needed for switching the RC40 on and off and for all normal modes. Pressing the right button for about one second will activate the light in last used mode, after that, you can cycle though the modes by short presses. Again a longer press will shut the light off. The left button is only for Strobe and SOS. Pressing the left button will give direct Strobe; at Strobe mode you can cycle through Strobe and SOS by short presses. In my opinion, Fenix could better use the left button for direct Turbo, a function that’s missing now. If that, a quick double press could be used for instant Strobe. I really hope Fenix will fix this in future!

Summarizing, the charging and discharging works fine, the interface also, but I would like to see some extra (instant) modes/functions.


The RC40 has total five normal modes, starting at ECO > LOW > MID > HIGH > TURBO. ECO starts at 45 lumens….I would like to see a lower mode. For the rest, the mode-spacing is good. The light has two special modes: STROBE and SOS. There’s one instant mode: STROBE will be activated directly when pressing the left button. Like the TK75-2016, the RC40-2016 has a lockout-mode: Press both buttons together for about 3 seconds to (de)activate. I’m happy with this feature, because it’s really needed during transport.

Overheat protection:

When the temperature will get about 65 degrees Celsius, the RC40 will automatically lower the output until temperature will be less than 65 degrees. This means that the light will not full stepdown, but will go back in actual mode when it’s cooled down.

Size comparison:

To show the impressive dimensions of the RC40-2016, I’ll show you the light side-by-side to the LD75C and TK75-2015 brothers.

18650-cell, Fenix LD75C, Fenix TK75-2016 and Fenix RC40-2016

Fenix LD75C, Fenix TK75-2016 and Fenix RC40-2016

Fenix LD75C, Fenix TK75-2016 and Fenix RC40-2016

all powered by XM-L2(U2); except the RGB-led of the LD75C

the tails: Fenix LD75C, Fenix TK75-2016 and Fenix RC40-2016


A good coolwhite tint to the RC40 here: Compared to the TK75-2016 you can see the spill is less blue. Clearly noticeable the LD75C has a greenish tint. This was a pre-production sample, so maybe later batches should have about the same tint as the other lights.


Fenix has angled the six leds in a special way. This creates a big hotspot and corona and also a lot of spill. The spot is intense, this will give the RC40 a nice mix of throw and also enough flood. This beam is perfect for search jobs. Although this beams have their typical shape (which is because of the six reflectors), I couldn’t detect any defects. No PWM at any mode. Please scroll down to view the beamshots I took. They show the impressive output of the RC40-2016!


Let’s start here by showing the RC40’s profile when shining at a white wall. Because of the big output I adjusted my shutter time a little. Distance to the wall about 0,75 meters.

Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/200 sec, 35mm


Going outside now: I’ll show the output and the profile of the RC40 here in the forest and also at the field. To show the impressive output and beam, I took the LD75C and TK75-2015 (that are impressive lights too) also with me. Starting in the forest!

Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4.0 sec, 35mm


the RC40-2016 compared to LD75C, both lights at maximum mode:

the RC40-2016 compared to TK75-2015, both lights at maximum mode:

Location 2, a GIF-picture of the five output modes here:

Location 3, a golf course.

I’ve measured the distance to the tree line by using a Bresser rangefinder

distance about 200 meters

the five output modes of the RC40-2016:

a shoot-out of the three big Fenix lights, all at maximum mode:


This is clear to me now: The Fenix RC40-2016 is the most impressive lights that I ever had my hands-on! The combination of big throw and output gives the opportunity to light up a complete area. The RC40-2016 isn’t a light to use in and around home…I don’t use a powerful light like this in the neighborhood, but in the field or forest, you can have fun!

The quality and the finishing of the RC40-2016 are excellent done. This light will last for many years. For me, there are some wishes about this big torch: I would like to see a better low, some extra modes (especially instant-turbo) and usb-charging.
I can recommend the RC40-2016 to all who need a wall of light for search jobs or special tasks. Good to know that you carry a good powerbank too, that will charge your cell phone many times in emergency falls. And while carrying a torch like this, you don’t have to be afraid of the dark!

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