RUIKE Knives, Multi-Function Knives in India by Fenix.

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    Ruike Knives, India.

    • Large Blade: The man blade of Ruike Multi-Function knives have enhanced thickness and width, providing greater  durability and blade capability compared to the competition. 
    • Sandvik 12C27 Premium Blade Material: RUIKE Knives are made from Sandvik 12C27 steel. Outside of superior corrosion resistance, The steel provides the blades with added strength, giving the baldes ability to retain sharpness for longer than usual.
    • Tungsten Steel Breaking Cone : Providing added Capablity, RUIKE Knives comes with Tungsten steel breaking cone, allowing users to break Glass and other tough materials that they may encounter.
    • Pocket Clip Design: Given that most of the users use the Knives and Tools within environments that promote wear and tear. Ruike has created stainless steel clips to holster the knives to protect them during non-use. Ruike Knives are easy to carry and you can be assured that they are very well protected.
    • G10 Knife Handle: RUIKE Knife handles are blend of fiberglass and resin, giving the knives the ability to withstand intense forces, preventing scrapes and general abrasion. 

    These Multitool pocket knives are perfect to be gifted to any multi-tasker or a DIY enthusiast who will definitely save a lot of time and would surely appreciate your gesture.

    Knife collectors will find these products perfect to be added to the list of their collectibles. For those who often embark upon forest trips, will definitely have an eye out on this collection to find the most suitable one of them to be a part of their luggage and benefit from its many applications.