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Fenix TK25 UV Torch
Ronald Jeyapaul
Lightman is best Even better than Amazon

I’m obsessed with weird collection, one amongst is flashlight and knifes. Earlier LightMan list their products on Amazon India, and I purchased many items from them through Amazon. Now I started purchasing from their website, excellent product line up, amazing prize, customer service is above Amazon Audible, by the way I have thousands of audible books.
This is my second purchase in a week, I just purchased with giving a second thought while sitting in an important meeting.
Thank you lightman

Fenix E35R Torch
Manas Sahoo

Very good product

Fenix C7 LED Torch Light

Fenix HM50R V2 Headlamp
Rickeyson Nongkynrih
It’s just an outstanding headlamp.

This headlamp can give you all the requirements both for home and outdoor activities. I am a person who use to go fishing for once in a week, I feel that this headlamp gives me comfort and very easy to use with high battery backup.

Fenix BC30 V2 Bicycle Light
Abhiram Ramakrishna
Great bike light but...

The bike light itself is great. Built to last a lifetime -- all metal housing. Only the sliding battery slot is plastic. Comes with a wireless remote which works well. Plenty bright. The mount is solid.

The service from lightmen was epic.


The mount adjustability is poor. Maximum of 30° on either side. I would have liked to see a 90° adjustment so, I can fit it on my stem.

The beam pattern is non existent. It is just a flood light with some fresnel patterns on the upper lens. Works but could have been better.

Very expensive. No batteries in the box.

No charging port.

Heavy when used with 2 18650s. I think around 250gms or so. It looks substantial on my burly XL sized hardtail with a surly cornerbar.

But... I love it. For my use (touring), this is plenty good. I use it with 2x4000mAH nitecore batteries and the backup is just bonkers. I think I used it at high seeting for around 4hrs continuous without it dying. Replaceable batteries are a must for me -- Cant throwaway a perfectly good light cuz battery is broken like those MagicShine ones.
I'd buy this over any other high end lights on the market.



Fenix HL32R-T LED Headlamp
Dr Lalnuntluanga Ralte
Great headlight

Delivery was good, small yet powerful headlight for hiking, trekking, caving etc..Fenix never lets you down, Seller is quite good👍🏻

Great product

Very good and handy..well designed..a great customer always

ideal for herping !

Great buy

Compact, high performance and sturdy flashlight. Have dropped it several times, thanks to high build quality it never breaks.

Buy if you are looking for long lasting flashlight with powerful performance.

Fenix E35R Torch
Moksh Patel

Hitting problem

Fenix E35R Torch
Aman Singh

Absolutely thrilled with my recent purchase of a torch FENIX E35R from lightmen! The torch is top-notch and perfect for all my outdoor needs.

I must commend the exceptional service provided by the Mr Rajeev. Their expertise and patience made the selection process a breeze. He took the time to understand my requirements and guided me to the perfect product on Video call.

Highly recommend both the product and the stellar customer service at Lightmen.

A handy multi tool

The Leatherman Rebar is a handy multi tool even for the pocket if not for the belt sheath. Has all the basic tools a person may need in day to day usage.

Genuine products

Just as what i ordered..Finally we can have Fenix products in India.

Quick, efficient and quality.

Purchased Leatherman wave + online, loved the quality. This is a perfect EDC tools to run maintenance work in my property.

Fenix HM71R

It’s the perfect companion to light up my late evenings and nights at work on the tarmac.
Its USP Is versatility, excelling both as a focus or as a flood light as and when needed!

Excellent 👌

Best quality 👌

Midget wonder

The E05R is cute little mighty torch. Very handy and portable. Has a good beam and gives great light coverage.

Of Great Quality

Can be used effectively.

Feels nice to the touch. Looks premium.
The retaining clip could use more tension though.
Hoping for more variety of EDC attachments from this website.

Fenix C6 V3 LED Torch
Lavakumar for G

Fenix C6 V3 LED Torch

Best herping headlamp out there

Found so many snakes and other animals with this headlamp. Highly recommend

Good product and quick delivery!

The product works very well, as intended. The lights are powerful and sufficiently light up dark areas!

Also very happy with the quick response of your team to deliver the product within a day of placing the order!

Fenix WT16R LED Torch Light
Abdul Latheef K A oo

Size is tooo small but price is tooo much higher