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Fenix PD35 V3 LED Torch
Anjuman Deodhar
Delightful experience

Received my flashlight within 2 days of placing my order. Had a bit of a scare when it wouldn’t turn on, but a quick search on the internet helped me identify the problem. Just needed to unscrew the rear contact disc a few turns and the light started working fine. Haven’t tested it in the field yet, but checked in my backyard, and the beam throw and intensity seem great.

Fenix E12 V2.0 LED Torch

Good selection

Fenix C6 V3 LED Torch
Shalaka Pradhan

Great product. Really loved it

Nice product,Smooth online buying process,On time delivery,Nice engraving..Overall best product in this price range.


At first I had second thoughts since this is my first purchase and costly one ... I am so happy with the product, the build quality, the light range.. awesome

Fenix C7 LED Torch Light
Vinod Krishnan V
Outstanding product greatly delivered

Outstandingly bright torch delivered in a nicely packed box. Thank you for engraving my name and it looks quite good

Fenix LD22 V2 Torch 2*AA
Lungamsha Ngoruw Moyon
Perfect EDC

The best aa battery torch. Versatile, sturdy, very bright. Fenix and Lightmen never disappoints.
Thank you Lightmen

Zippo lighters don't need a review:)

Very fast delivery.... I'm very happy with name engraving on the lighter.....
If you know how to use the lighter & service it on your own, it's a lighter that will last you a lifetime...
Always keep stock of flints & fuel...
The wick doesn't need to be changed unless it is totally burnt out...
Keep a wick handy....
Thank you people over at lightmen for the wonderful service ....

Ruike P865-B Pocket Knife
Philip Lalruatsanga
A true gentleman's pocket knife

The quality is better than i expected. Surprisingly the weight was also very light. Build quality is top notch. Recommended.

A nice handy pocket torch

PROS: It's lightweight, has an easy twist and turn mechanism.

CONS: It's expensive for its offerings which are not required for EDC.

A daily-carry EDC torch doesn't need multiple modes.

Just a on-off like that on the Led Lenser PRO 25 would do.

Maybe the cost can be brought down as well.

My review: 5 for size and weight.
3 for cost and unwanted function.

Overall rating: 4.5

Fenix TK20R V2 Torch
Pankaj Malukar
Perfect to my expectations !

Love the product and response from the seller. He was kind enough to advice me a better product-model and solved my queries. Over all nice experience, I do highly recommend !

My experience

Works well and is a quality product.

Fenix E12 V2.0 LED Torch
Baskar Veerappan
Nice pocket Light

Very good and compact light

Fenix LR35R LED Torch
Sugata Basumallik
Very good

Excellent service and product.


Reasonable price I am excited my leatherman surge is fully loaded now. Thank you

Perfect edc light

Easy to charge
Easy to learn the functions
It's a mini beast of a light
Very happy & always stays on me
I have a fenix flashlight on all my sets of keys but this one , is my absolute favourite
Super fast shipping & thanks to the wonderful team over lightmen ledflashlights...

Strong pouch.Very hard.

Amazing experience and a world class product

World class products, detailed documentation on specs & features, 24 hour home delivery - Lightmen have set a standard for their competition in terms of customer experience.

Coming to the product - Ruike LD51B - it is the best value for money multi-tool in the market today, for campers and trekkers. Sandvik 12C27 steel, G10 handle, liner lock on the main blade, light-duty pliers and wire cutter, impressive scissors, 45° woodsaw blade and belt-cutter, a really sharp awl/reamer with integrated wire benders, bottle opener with integrated flathead screwdriver, a sturdy Philips screwdriver, corkscrew, tweezers, tungsten topped glass breaker and deep pocket clip for easy carry in a kit, or just in your outdoor pant/jeans pocket - this combination would not be available for less than thrice the price from traditional Swiss Army Knife (SAK) makers. To my mind, Ruike has challenged the traditional SAK makers on the quality-price dimension with this tool. While I accept that you will have many more heavy-duty specialized multi-tools that are either designed around a primary blade, or a primary set of pliers, the Value For Money offered by the Ruike LD51B is most certainly unparalleled presently. Kudos !

Fenix TK72R LED Searchlight
Best product

Have many products from lightmen, but this one seems to be the best one.

Fenix C6 V3 LED Torch
Sandeep Dalal

Very much satisfied

A Good buy

I go out for a walk early morning and torch is an essential gear in absence of street lights in some places. I was looking for a belt clip / hoster that can
hod upto 25mm or less dia torch and found this one. Though expensive, it does the job. You can orient the hoster parallel to ground or at a 90 degrees
when attached to the belt. Good part is it stays in the same orentation unless you turn again. you can take out and place the torch easily without struggling.
Overall good purchase. Rather than keeping torch in a trouser pocket which otherwise keeps hiting your hand while walking.
Thank you Lightmen!


At this price range. It is next level. If this name was kizer then it would cost 250USD.

First i was afraid to buy from this site because of non popularity of lightmen. But delivered fast.

About product


• giant frame lock
• zero blade moment
• premium knife level centre allignment
• Great steal in midrange


• heavy weight
• asymmetric edge. ( Can make it symmetric using a sharpening stone )

Best buy

Well built both look and quality wise. Fita well in hand. No rattle on the blade. Smooth bearings. I couldn't find such a knife at this price anywhere else in India. The seller has many courier options across India. I got mine within 2 days via bluedart at Vadodara.

Fenix 14500

Very nice and quality product