The Best Searchlights / High Power Flashlights in India

by Namrata Varindani
Looking for Extremely Powerful Searchlight in India for Security Applications?
Searchlights for Clearing the Runway's before a Flight Take's off or Land's?
Long Range Powerful Searchlights Search & Rescue Mission's?
Looking for LED Searchlights for Outdoor Sports?
LightMen is here with the Word's Finest Searchlight in India, with assurance to be the offer the most promising searchlights in India which helps Rescue Operations & Sportsman Succeed!
Let’s take some time and discuss the High powered flashlights from Fenix.


1. Fenix TK72R


Starting of with the big Kahuna, the Fenix TK72R LED rechargeable flashlight. This light has an incredible 9,000 lumen output and almost an unlimited amount of brightness levels. Rather than having just five or for four predesignated brightness levels of low, medium, high turbo and so forth, the Fenix TK72R instead allows you to access every single brightness level available between 100 lumens and 9,000 lumens. So this is a truly all flashlight with the ability to access every single lumen output setting you could possibly think of.




It is currently the highest powered flashlight that Fenix has available. It can be a bit pricey, but it is absolutely worth it if you have the use such a high powered flashlight. This is an excellent option for anyone who may have a large backyard and wants to fill that area or even a camping area. The only downside to this excellent flood is that it does lack a bit of throw that you'll see on a lot of our other high powered flashlights.

2. Fenix RC40


Next is going to be the Fenix RC40. This is our second brightest flashlight. The Fenix RC40 does also come with a proprietary custom made battery from Fenix. This battery will allow it to get to a whopping 6,000 lumens making it a higher powered flashlight. This is an excellent search and rescue light. It has an incredible runtime and can easily be recharged and recharged fairly quickly for the capacity of the battery using the included ac or DC adapters. Another great feature of the Fenix RC40 is that it does have the option to work as a power bank to charge your other devices like a cell phone or tablet.



3. Fenix TK75


The next one on the list is of the high powered flashlights is the Fenix TK75. Now the Fenix TK75 is not quite as bright as the previous two, but it is still a high powered flashlight. It has a total of 5100 Lumens. You have less lumens, but you gain a very far throw distance. Currently the Fenix TK75 is the farthest thrower that we have available. The throw on this one is going to be 850 meters or an incredible 2,788 feet. This is just over half a mile. The Fenix TK75 also comes with a convenient shoulder strap attachment and it is tripod mountable.



The Fenix TK75 is also one of the high powered flashlights that offer 6 outputs of brightness. The high output is 2000 lumens, which is really great because it gives you an extra step in between that high and the turbo, whereas a lot of flashlights in this range would have just that high mode at 1000 lumens and then straight up to the turbo.


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