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by Namrata Varindani


We live in a world where you must be prepared for any situation, this means having the right gear. Here at LightMen, we wish to fulfil one of those needs with a large variety of tactical flashlights that we offer. Specifically, our TK series provides a flashlight for almost any tactical application from security to law enforcement. We strive to provide the best top quality tactical flashlights on the market today. With so many to choose from, we have decided to create a top 10 List of the best tactical flashlights available. Our Flashlight experts have taken the time to study each one of these lights and rank them among the best. We hope you enjoy this list of the Best Tactical flashlights available.


10. Fenix TK09 Tactical Flashlight | 900 Lumens | ₹ 5,500


Fenix Tk09, Tactical Flashlight, 900Lumen LED Torch, Buy online in India

Number 10 on our list is one heck of a flashlight. What makes the TK09 different from the others? No side switch! The Fenix TK09 is operated completely with a reach switch operation. This makes the Fenix TK09 Flashlight a police and law enforcement favorite. You will be able to see far with Fenix TK09 packed with 900 Lumens of white light and a 310 Meter throw distance. We would recommend the Fenix Tk09 Tactical Flashlight for military personnel and police officers and a backup light or duty belt flashlight.


9. Fenix TK32 Tactical Flashlight | 1000 Lumens | ₹ 8,000


Fenix TK32, Tactical Flashlight, 1000 Lumen LED Torch, Buy online in India

One of the best flashlights for hunting is the Fenix TK32! This flashlight produces a brilliant beam of 1000 Lumens and as a added bonus it also produces 105 Lumens of Red light and 165 Lumens of Green light. With so much versatility the TK32 is the optimal flashlight for a dedicated hunter. Want even more versatility? Mount the Fenix TK32 on your rifle with the AER-03 Pressure switch and ALG-01 Picatinny Rail mount. This is the perfect flashlight for any AR mount.


8. Fenix TK25R&B Tactical Flashlight | 1000 Lumens| ₹ 7,605


Fenix Tk25R&B, Tactical Flashlight, Red and Blue LEDs Torch, 1000Lumen Torch, Buy Online in India

Want a color LED flashlight that is a little more compact? Here is the answer: The Fenix TK25R&B. The Fenix TK25R&B comes with dual tail switch function and tri color leds. Producing a total of 1000 Lumens of white light, 150 Lumens of Red light, and 60 Lumens of Blue light. Protect your night vision with the Red LED, allowing you to see your pray before it see's you. The Fenix TK25R&B is also compatible with the AER-03 and ALG-00 Picatinny rail mount. With an IP68 Rating, you will be able to track or trek safely in any type of weather. We recommend this Flashlight for the most avid Hunters and Outdoorsmen.


7. Fenix TK15UE Tactical Flashlight | 1000 Lumens | ₹ 6,000


Fenix TK15UE, TK15 Ultimate Edition, 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Buy LED Torch Online in India

Are you a landlord with many acres of land? The TK15UE is right for you. This flashlight is equipped with a focused reflector to provide 325 Meters of maximum throw distance. Integrated with an impact resistant strike bezel for any self-defense situation. The Fenix TK15UE comes in two colors and has a combo side switch and rear tail switch operation. Never worry about coyotes coming close to your cattle with the Fenix TK15UE you will be able to locate and protect your property. We recommend the Fenix TK15UE for most landowners and far distance hunters.


6. Fenix TK20R Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight | 1000 Lumens | ₹ 8,400


Fenix TK20R, USB Rechargeable Torch, 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Buy Online in India

ever worry about chargers again. The Fenix TK20R has arrived and with it micro USB rechargeable functionality. If you are a home inspector this is the perfect light for you! This is the Ideal home inspector flashlight because you can charge the light between inspections and with the integrated strike bezel you can fight off any raccoons or possums that you will find in crawl spaces. 1000 Lumens at 310 meters of throw distance will give you enough light to see any repairs that need to be made. The TK20R comes with a Micro USB cable and 2900 rechargeable battery. Once you buy it, you're ready to go. We recommend the Fenix TK20R for home inspectors, contractors, and electricians.


5. Fenix TK47UE Tactical Flashlight | 3200 Lumens | ₹ 13,500


Fenix TK47UE, TK47 Ultimate Edition Flashlight, 3200 Lumen Led Torch, Tactical Searchlight Buy online in India

Need the perfect light for your upcoming RV, Hiking, or Camping trip? The TK47UE is the light for you. The Fenix TK47UE is equipped with 3200 Lumens of white light and a multi-function tail switch. The flashlight can stand on its head and the tail switch can be used as a lantern. This makes the Fenix TK47UE the perfect tent light or lantern to be used for late night board games on the campsite. Taking a late-night stroll, don't forget the TK47UE, with 3200 and integrated orange peel reflector you will be able to see everything around you while hiking.


4. Fenix TK16 Tactical Flashlight | 1000 Lumens | ₹ 6,500


Fenix TK16 LED Flashlight, 1000 Lumen Torch, Compact Tactical flashlight, Buy Online in India

You want a Tactical Flashlight but also a super-handy flashlight? The Fenix TK16 is the perfect light for you! The TK16 is a compact, yet extremely powerful tactical LED flashlight. Why? Fenix TK16 is one tough and reliable flashlight. The TK16 can easily fit in your pocket and features all the goodies a great tactical flashlight should have, instant access to strobe, mode memory, a tactical tail grip ring, and a crenelated bezel, giving out 1000Lumen with 240m beam throw distance! Whether you're law enforcement, military personnel or hunting, the TK16 is a great LED flashlight.


3. Fenix TK35UE Tactical Flashlight | 3200 Lumens | ₹ 11,200


 Fenix TK35UE, TK35 Ultimate edition, 3200 Lumen LED flashlight, Tactical Searchlight, Buy Online in India

Lots of power and lots of run time, just a few words that describe the Fenix TK35UE. The Fenix TK35UE puts out a max output of 3200 Lumens with a total runtime of 1 hr. and 5 min. Even with the integrated orange peel reflector, the Fenix Tk35UE can be seen at 1050 ft. The Fenix Tk35UE runs on two 18650 batteries and has a dual rear switch operation for easy on and off and lumen transition. It has the new USB Rechargeable battery Holder. We recommend the Fenix TK35UE as the perfect light to carry in your work bag or car.


2. Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight | 1000 Lumens | ₹ 6,000


Fenix PD35 TAC, Tactical Flashlight, 1000 Lumen LED Torch, Powerful Flashlight, Buy online in India

This is the only flashlight in this list that is not part of the TK series. The Fenix PD35TAC has long been the best selling tactical flashlight on the market. The Fenix PD35TAC is easy to carry and easy to use. It can be carried in a pocket, lanyard, or mounted to your AR. With 1000 Lumens of white light it puts up a fight again other tactical flashlights. The PD35TAC has both an outdoors mode which lets you use the side switch to transition between lumen output. It also has a tactical mode, which allows you to only use the rear switch to activate the light and go directly to the turbo 1000 lumens. We recommend the Fenix PD35TAC for anyone that is looking for a tactical application light that can also be used as an everyday carry light.


1. Fenix TK65R Tactical Flashlight | 3200 Lumens | ₹ 17,500


Fenix Tk65R, Tactical Flashlight, 3200 Lumen LED Searchlight, Buy Online in India

The new boss has arrived and it has 3200 lumens, fast catapult action belt clip, and Micro USB recharging capabilities. What else can you say about this light? With so many features you can't go wrong by choosing this as your #1 Tactical flashlight. This tactical flashlight was designed with security personnel in mind. with 3200 the Tk65R can be seen at a distance of 375 meters. The TK65R also has a lockout function to avoid accidental activation of the light. We recommend the Fenix TK65R for security personnel or police officers.


Thank you for taking the time at to look over the top 10 Tactical flashlight LightMen has to offer. 





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