Fenix RC09 vs Fenix PD25!

by Namrata Varindani

Fenix RC09, Fenix PD25, Pocket size LED Flashlights, everyday carry Torch, RC09 Rechargeable Flashlight

Fenix RC09 V/S Fenix PD25

Model Fenix RC09 Fenix PD25
Price Rs. 5500 Rs. 4300
Output 550 Lumens 550 Lumens 
Features Yes  No
Throw Distance 337 feet 427 feet
Battery 1* 16340  1* 16340
Water Rating  IPX-8 rated IPX-8 rated
Number of Outputs  4 normal modes + Strobe
4 normal modes + Strobe
Color  Black Black
Batteries Included Yes Yes
Length 2.8 inches 3.7 inches
Image  Fenix RC09, Fenix Rechargeable LED Flashlight Fenix PD25, Fenix LED Flashlights, Pocket Size Torch


If you are looking for a perfect EDC light that is still pretty powerful, you have two winners in the Fenix RC09 and the Fenix PD25. The advantage here will probably go to the RC09 since it is rechargeable and therefore you don't have to purchase an external charger for the battery. With its unique magnetic charging capabilities, the RC09 certainly makes this very user friendly and easy to operate.

Thanks Fenix-Store

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